Wonderful Tour to Thailand Village Nakhon Sawan Enjoying Crazy Spicy Quail

Thailand which is right in central Thailand. I’m hang in with my buddy, Micah. Micah, can you say hello? Oh, I guess you can only see the top of his head. Oh wait, maybe you can see his eyes here. Micah, say hello. Oh, there he is. Micah is hang in but we came to visit Ying’s grandmother. Ying is my wife. And she’s, Ying was born in Krabi. She spent most of her life in the south of Thailand. That’s where her father is from but her mother is from Nakhon Sawan which is right in central Thailand. I really enjoy coming to visit Ying’s grandmother’s especially because it’s in the countryside and it’s relaxing and quiet and peaceful. And the last time, this is my second time to visit. The last time we came here, they have a farm and they caught some field rats which were incredibly delicious and we ate them the last time I was here. This time Ying’s aunt said that they couldn’t get any rats that just depends on the, if they can catch any in the field or not. But they did get some birds and I think they’re quails.

Spicy Quail in Thailand

So we’re definitely gonna have some quails for dinner. I’m not sure what else but this is just gonna be a quick vlog about what we’re gonna eat tonight for dinner. There’s a big patch of bananas here. And there are some stalks of bananas that are getting pretty close to being ripe. Oh and that is a gigantic banana blossom. Look at that banana blossom. Micah, how are you doing down there? Oh, you’re hang in. Ying’s mom is getting ready to chop up the quails and I think she’s gonna mince them with the quail, you can eat the entire thing with all the bones as long as you mince it up finely then you just have a little bit of a crunch when you’re eating it but you can eat all the bones. It’s a little bit muddy in here. But as much as I love exploring Bangkok, what I love so much about Thailand is getting out into the countryside and ah yeah, I love it here. There, these are bananas.

I’m gonna go check out what else she’s growing, what else Ying’s aunt is growing over here. Oh, it looks like it’s basil. Is it holy basil? What I love so much about the country side of Thailand is the culture, the food, the farms, the growth, the fruit, the vegetables. Yeah, I just love the country side of Thailand and I love the peacefulness as well. When you’re in the city it’s so loud and so, the pollution and the smog. There’s so much of it. But in the country side, it’s just so peaceful and relaxed. This type of banana, in Thai it’s called kluay nam wa. And I think, I believe in English that it’s a burro banana. But there are little, a couple of bite sized bananas, they taste delicious. And normally quite sweet and maybe a little bit chalky sometimes. And this type of banana is really good as is but it’s also really good grilled, roasted. Ying, look at this crock. This is an awesome crock. This probably has been used for decades. Yeah, I’m loving this. This is really nice. And mom has just finished mincing up all of the quail and now I’m gonna pound up the chilies and also wash, I guess rinse off the holy basil which is coming straight from the garden there. Got a bag of chilies here from the Davidet. Oh, I can smell those immediately as I opened that bag.

Thailand Tourism with Famous Thai Food

I know we’re gonna need a lot of these chilies for sure. Quickly take off the stems. And then drop them into the mortar. You can just smell how spicy these are. That aroma, that chili, those chili fumes coming off of them when they’re green like this. Okay, I think that’s good on the chilies right now. For the garlic, I often like to just toss them in as the whole clove give them a pound and then the skin just peels right off and then you can keep pounding it to get to the minced texture that you want with all those oils, the chilies, and the garlic. I’m not the only one loving this country weather. Micah is hanging out to the max. We’re getting ready to cook up the quail and I think it’s Ying’s cousin. I think he’s gonna do the cooking. He just said that he is stir frying it rat style. So it’s like a same, similar recipe to stir frying rat. And you wanna make it really dry so he’s just stir frying all of that, all the moisture out of that quail. Finished dry roasting the quail. I think it’s coriander seeds. Coriander seeds and there’s a siamese cardamom caught in there too. Oh that smoke smells delicious. And right now after dry roasting that coriander seed he’s just pounding it up into a powder.

We’re gonna first add in some, I think it’s just red curry paste.  And now he’s adding in that coriander. And then in go the garlic and chilies. Oh that aroma smells so good. One of the greatest joys of stir frying chilies is that everybody around you starts coughing.  Okay, so then he added in the quail. Oh that is just smelling incredibly good. Oh that is just smelling incredibly good. Oh I just took a whiff of that chili.  And then the final step is adding in that holy basil. Oh that just smells unbelievable.  That was a masterful demonstration. It’s kind of a twist on the normal holy basil Thai stir fry which well includes some extra spices and also the curry paste and yeah, and also you really emphasize that you really wanted it dry. So even when he was cooking that quail first, he stir fried it dry and then he took out the moisture the water that came out of the quail. Oh man, that amount of chilies, that amount of curry paste, the holy basil in there, the garlic, which just smells unbelievably good. Oh man.

Halal Thai Food in Thailand

It’s so good! It’s so insanely good! It’s so spicy, it’s so garlicky. The quail actually, it kind a tastes like minced beef but with a little bit of a tougher texture to it. And then you also get those little bone crunches. Oh, it’s kind a like duck. I can compare it to duck, I think. But yeah, you eat through all of the bones so you don’t waste anything on a quail. Oh man, you can taste that curry paste coming in there too. And then that fresh holy basil, peppery, very aromatic holy basil. That is, that’s an award-winning countryside Thai dish. That is, that’s an award winning countryside Thai dish. And also, I would just also say that, I’m not actually like, eating from the serving bowl. But because this is Ying’s family, they all told me to just take the bowl and start eating it. Okay! That’s so good! And what I really love is you can really taste the fragrance of the coriander seeds is you can really taste the fragrance of the coriander seeds that he added in here. That is a touch that I’m gonna use next time I make pad ga prao. I thought we were all gonna have dinner but I guess Ying’s entire family is still full from lunch which we had probably only about two and a half hours ago. But I guess I’m the only one that’s hungry so they told me I need to eat now. I’m gonna eat. But that’s why I’m the only one eating. I’m gonna start with some more of the quail and this time with rice. Oh and I forgot to say he even threw in some more whole chilies for a surprise bite. This is just so incredibly good. It’s so much flavor per like square millimetre, It’s so much flavor per like square millimetre, per square millimetre. That’s like powerful flavor and that is so good with the rice. And there are a lot of random cats and dogs running around as well. What I’m loving so much is that coriander seed, that really gives it a, that really gives it a, an edge of extra spice flavor. And then this is a curry that Ying’s mom made.

Wonderful Thai Food and Tourism

This is nam ya with coconut milk and fish. And this goes so well, so good on the rice. Oh, the naturally sweet coconut milk Oh, the naturally sweet coconut milk and then it’s just enriched and thickened by the minced up fish in there. And another thing that I’m really loving, and I had a couple of these for lunch already. This is pla duk dad diaw. And in Thai, And in Thai, okay, pla duk is catfish okay, pla duk is catfish and then dad diaw is one sun. So it’s one day dried catfish and then deep fried. You do kind a got a be careful of the bones, the bones are still kinda hard but you can rip off, tear off the catfish meat there. And if you look at it really closely, can you see that real close? You can see that it has a more of a creamy color and also it’s more, it’s more like, it’s not flaky like a regular fish or a fish that’s not dried for a day. Yeah, it’s a little bit salty Yeah, it’s a little bit salty and you can taste that it’s been dried in the sun so it’s a little bit dehydrated. But then what’s interesting is that it completely changes its texture it completely changes its texture from a fresh catfish. ‘Cause it’s more of like a creamy kind of, almost like cheesy texture but really good. And it doesn’t have, it doesn’t actually have any kind of a foul preserved taste to it. It’s actually just delicious with rice.

I think I’m gonna end this Tourism Article right now and just finish dinner and then hang out with Ying and her family. But I just wanted to share with you this quick Tourism Article about hanging out at Ying’s grandmother’s house and delicious awesomely good country style food. Oh man, I love it all but that quail or if you substitute rat but that quail or if you substitute rat field rat for that same recipe, it is sensational. it is sensational. Please remember to give this Tourism Article a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. And also make sure you click subscribe for lots more food and travel Tourism Articles. Thank you again for reading and I will see you on the next Tourism Article. Good evening from Nakhon Sawan.


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