Formula of vegetable singed rice with photographs of each progression. This is Indo Chinese adaptation of seared rice that utilizes basmati rice. Legitimate Chinese dishes utilize both long grain and short grain clingy rice.

Singed Rice is generally basic and delightful dish, which is amazingly simple to-cook. This speedy rice formula can be cooked in different intriguing manners with regards to the most brief conceivable time. This is an ideal go-to dish for each rice darling. You simply need a couple of effectively accessible fixings and you are a great idea to go! Here’s the means by which you make this lip-smacking formula at home by following four straightforward advances. Made with vegetables and cooked rice, it is a healthy supper, which can be served for lunch or supper.

You can add your own turn to this delicious rice formula, if like it zesty you can begin by browning some dried red chilies, when the veggies are seared and overflow out a smoky flavor you can include cooked rice and pan fried food this astonishing amalgamation of flavors and soy sauce. The best thing about this formula is that you can change fixings according to your sense of taste inclination. To complement the flavor of this simple rice formula, you can include curds (paneer), soya pieces, singed eggs or in the event that you are a meat sweetheart you can add your preferred cooked meat to this dish.

Vegetable Rice Special

However,we will propose you to attempt this formula for your friends and family. In the event that you are a wellbeing monstrosity, you can make this astonishing dish with cooked earthy colored rice and loads of veggies, this will make this flavorful dish solid and tasty. It tastes best when presented with fresh bean stew paneer, bean stew chicken or manchurian. You can embellish this straightforward rice formula with newly hacked coriander leaves.


You may utilize any rice assortment you like best.

Rice cooked one day sooner work preferred in light of the fact that they are more earnestly over new rice and consequently less delicate to breaking while at the same time blending.

You may include corns, cashew, green pea, French beans alongside different veggies on the off chance that you like.

In all Indo Chinese plans Chinese salt (sodium glutamate or Ajinomoto) is included as a taste enhancer. I generally keep away from it for wellbeing dangers connected to it. Most regular however significant risk is for Blood pressure patients who must dodge it


2 cup or 400 gram rice, , drenched for 20 minutes.

Hardly any drops of lemon juice

3 tablespoon oil, , ideally sesame oil

1 tablespoon garlic, slashed or glue

1 chicken shape, , discretionary

1 medium carrot, , finely slashed

Vegetables for Rice

½ little cabbage, , finely slashed

½ medium capsicum, , finely slashed

3-4 stalks green onion, , meagerly cut

3 tablespoon medium green chilles, , finely cut

½ tablespoon soy sauce

½ teaspoon dark pepper


Vegetables Rice Latest


Wash and absorb rice water for 20 minutes.

Fill a portion of a huge pot with water and include salt as required.(The water ought to have soupy salt level.) Also include a couple of drop of lemon juice.

Carry water to bubble at that point include splashed rice and cook for 7-10 minutes until 80% cooked. Strain rice in a colander and put in a safe spot.

In same pot, heat oil and fry garlic for not many second. At that point include cleaved carrots and cabbage. Blend well and fry for 2-3 minutes.

At that point include capsicum, green chillies and green onion and blend well.

Include half of the rice, blend cautiously by turning the rice here and there with a spatula. At that point include remaining rice and blend cautiously.

Spread pot firmly and cook for 5 minutes on medium warmth until steam rises.


Stage 1

Heat up the rice or steam cook them

Include 1/2 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp sunflower oil to rice and bubble. Channel the water from bubbled rice and permit it to cool by spreading it on a plate. You can likewise utilized cooked rice on the off chance that you are in a jiffy.

Stage 2

Vegetables Fried Rice Special

Saute all the veggies

Warmth a container with 1/4 cup of oil on a moderate fire. Include ginger-garlic glue and fry till light earthy colored. You can include some green chillies according to your sense of taste preference.vAdd all the vegetables like onions, hacked spring onions, capsicums. Cook this blend of veggies and flavors for quite a while by consistently mixing. Keep the sauteed vegetables aside.

Stage 3

Blend sauces in the veggies and cook with rice for 3-5 minutes

Take another container and warmth 1/4 cup of oil on a moderate fire. Include bubbled rice and sautéed food for 3 mins on sim fire. Presently include all the sauteed vegetables in the dish and blend them well. Include soya sauce, vinegar, pureed tomatoes, green stew sauce, dark pepper powder, salt and blend well. Continue blending on medium fire till all the sauces dry. Mood killer the warmth and move singed rice in a serving bowl. Trimming it with some newly hacked coriander leaves. Serve this rice formula with sauces of your decision.

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