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We’re going to eat Cuban sandwich, Cuban burger. We’re going to try some Venezuelan food. Yes! David I mean, starting off with Cuban coffee right here. And so, we’re going to share all of the food, all of this Miami food experience. We’re going to eat a lot of delicious food in Miami, and we’re going to share with all of you in this article. David, so, first place, Versailles Cuban Cuisine. First place. What’s the story behind this place? Okay, so this is the most famous Cuban restaurant on the planet. It started off in 1971, and this is the place where all the Miami Cuban exiles come, they gather here. We have Cuban coffee; we have paste litos, which are like basically fried Cuban dulces. We have the Cuban sandwich here. I mean this is where it was, they say “Born in Miami”, some people debate Key West or Tampa, but I personally think it’s from here, obviously. But definitely somewhere in Florida. Somewhere in Florida. Okay, we’re sticking with Miami. The window, this is where you get the coffee. Let’s just drink everything. Everything, everything. So we got four different coffees. So you have the coffee, the cafesito, which is just like an espresso. You have colado, which is like a double or triple. That’s what I always get. And then we have café con leche, which is like 70% milk, 30% coffee. And then you have a cortadito. Cortadito is like 70% coffee, 30% milk. Okay. Man, it really pays and it really helps to brush up on your Spanish when you’re in Miami, because maybe even more Spanish is spoken in Miami than English. But we got an array of different things; there’s the pastelitos, which are similar to empanadas.

It’s like a pocket filled with delicious ingredients, and then we got the croquet as, which are like little eggroll-sized deep fried delights. And then we got a variety of the different coffees that they serve, just a little bit of sugar. So it’s almost like a triple, right? So, let me put one right here. Let me not pour everything. So you pour like that, and then you share, right? So it’s for sharing,but it’s super strong. Here we go, this is the shot of coffee to begin. No, that’s awesome. It’s awesome. Cheers guys, cheers. To begin this Miami food tour. Delicious coffee. It’s like an espresso with a perfect sweetness. It’s got a smoky, smoky flavor, that’s just good. Just delicious. Let’s try, what should we try next? The croquet a, okay. Croqueta de jamon. There’s some ham inside of it. It’s like kind a gummy. It could be like doughy or potatoy, with ham folded within it, and then deep-fried so it’s crunchy on the inside. And it’s like creamy. Creamy. So you immediately get that contrast of the crunchy outer exterior with the gummy ham fragrance and flavor in the center. That’s a world-class coffee snack. Okay, I’m going for the next coffee. Oh yeah, it’s like pure espresso, but then you taste how the sugar has been folded into it as it was brewing, so that’s almost foamy, sugary, sweet with that amazing roasted coffee flavor. Okay, I’m going to try the empanada. This is like a deep-fried pocket.

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This one, this one must be the guava and cheese, I think. It’s like cream cheese, it’s like a little mini cheesecake, but instead of cherry, it’s guava. You got that, the creaminess of that cream cheese plus the sweet tartness of the guava. It’s so good. It is good. I love the guava. That one looks like the filling–No, it’s good, it’s good. I love the combination. Exactly. Next coffee. This one is good too. This one is frothy and foamy with milk. The harshness of the coffee is toned down by the milk. It’s smoother as an easy sipper, an easy drinker. And I think this is the final snack that we have. This is another empanada with ham and cheese in the center. This one’s also very creamy. Yeah. I’m all for the combination of savory and coffee. I mean, sweet and coffee is also good, but savory and coffee works for me the best. Great start, delicious. And so after eating the croquet as and after drinking the coffee, we’re now going back, thank you so much. We’re going back into the kitchen. We’re going to see some of the food being prepared, and we’re also going to see the Cuban sandwich being made. The Cuban sandwich.  Frying some of the croquet as now, it’s going down in the deep fryer. You can just see them bubble up. Bringing them out right now. Those come out of the oil just perfectly golden, perfectly crunchy, but with all of the insides and all of that cheese and ham just oozing on the inside.  Now we’re walking over through one of the dining rooms to the bakery section of Versailles to see them as they make them. It’s like an entire different section of the bakery.

I love how there’s different sections so you can choose what you want, what you’re interested in for that day when you come here. We’re going this way. All right. There you go. Sweet, thank you. This is like a room dedicated to the Cuban sandwich. And immediately on the countertop, there are two loaves of bread that are like, they’re like meter long.  Put first this ham, then like a roast pork with a secret recipe, and now Swiss cheese goes on it. Swiss cheese, yes sir. So after the meat and the Swiss cheese, then he added on a layer of butter to the top of the bun, of the bread, and then he added on some pickles, then he took it off. Then he cut it into four equal parts, and then he added on pickles and mustard.  Cool, so you get toast on the bottom of the bread plus toasted on the meats, but the sauce has never touched the hot grill. The last part is, you close the sandwich, and then you put the bar and then the top of the sandwich, this is the signal for the bread is toasted. It’s pretty good. And the meat is toasted at the same time, in the center. Yes sir. You can see the development, the stages of the melting cheese, just, and again, just genius how it’s toasted.

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Then you put them back together, and now it is just toasting the bread on both sides. That cheese is starting to ooze, the aromas of the ham are coming out. It’s like, it’s a simple sandwich, but that technique, I think, is what’s really going to make it.  Thank you chef. We’re going back to the other dining room to eat the Cuban sandwich and also try some of the pastries. But just take a moment to admire this pastry cabinet. They have at least 100different varieties, just beautiful, baked, Cuban delights. Along with the Cuban sandwich is also, I have a plate of pastries, guava and cheese, and beef. Which is awesome. It’s amazing . I think what’s amazing to me is, it’s actually simple. It’s not a lot of sauces, not a lot of ingredients. The meats are special, the combination is special, and the technique. Cheers, triangle. Yeah. It’s just perfect. It’s everything man, so many flavors. Layers of meat, the ham, the pork, the cheese, the mustard. Yeah, the mustard. That’s like the main flavor. The pickle, also. The little twist to the right.

Oh yeah, man. I just love how the Swiss cheese is melted throughout the whole thing, you know? You’ve been eating Cuban sandwiches all your life, right? I live right here. For sure, you’re from Miami. With one bite, you think it’s a you almost think you’re eating a ham sandwich, then the next bite, you almost think you’re eating a roast pork sandwich. And then you realize, it’s all together in one. It’s just like simplicity perfection. Also, just its engineering, like it just holds together. There’s very little sandwich backslide. There is, there’s no sandwich backslide in this. It just all holds together. So next up for the pastries, I have to begin with the beef. We’ve got to push inside. The flakiness of it. Wow, oh yeah. It’s just a little bit sweet. I mean, that’s the contrast. The sweet, the savory, that’s the attractiveness of it. The meat in there, the flakiness, like butteriness of that pastry dough. It’s like a croissant almost. Okay, next up for the guayaba. This one is really Cuban. We’re just like flaking all over the place. So many layers, you know? So yeah, it’s so flaky. My lap is just covered in flakes of pastry dough goodness. Yeah, that one is so good. It’s like a guava jam. Guava’s like sticky.

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That was delicious, I love how there’s so many different sections, and, again, it’s such an icon of Cuban food in Miami. And that was a learning experience for me too, especially about the Cuban coffees and about the Cuban sandwich. From here, David is taking us to a place to eat another Cuban specialty. Now we are driving, really, into the heart of Little Havana. It is like mini Cuba. It’s Little Havana within Miami. It’s a city within Miami. And we’re driving down Calle Ocho, which is one of the main streets that goes straight through Little Havana. We’re in Little Havana, David. Where are we going next? We’re going to El Reyde las Fritas, right here. So this place has a Cuban burger. Cuban burger, but with egg and bacon? Yeah, that’s it. Oh man! Okay, so step into El Reyde las Fritas, and this, it just has a classic feel to it. This is another staple in Miami, another icon restaurant. Iconic restaurant. I love the bar counter seating. You have like seven different variations, you can just get a regular, you can get it with egg, you can get it with sweet plantain, Swiss cheese, I mean, whatever you want, they got it. All right, let’s go inside.

All right, here we go. It’s even in the name of this restaurant, las fritas, which are like shoe string potato fries. And that’s just like a sea of oil. They put just bucket full of the shoestring fries into the oil. Those are simmering, those are deep-frying. You can see the little potato, the thinness of them, the crunchy and crispy they’re going to get from that deep-frying action. And that’s a major part of their Cuban burger here.  He started, for the Cuban burger, he starts off with this patty, it’s almost a ball shape, like a meatball shape. That fries for a little bit and then my favorite move is where he takes the spatula and just squishes it down. You can see it oozing out of the sides of the spatula, as it oozes out like toothpaste, meat toothpaste, into a perfect patty. Actually what’s the beauty about it is, it’s not perfect. It’s not like a perfect circular shape, it has edges on it because he just smashes it down with the spatula. Every burger has character. And then another favorite move is where he sprays on some sauce.

The secret sauce which is like a type of salsa, and then another, pimientosalsa, which is the chili sauce. And then he just bubble in their own juices on the griddle. Another favorite step is where he takes the bun, he does it so fast, I can’t even barely watch him as he does it, but he flops the bun, half of the bun onto the burger, and then flips it upside down so the burger is on top of the bun, onto the plate. Then a huge dollop, a huge handful of the shoestring fries go on top of that, and then from there you get your different toppings like bacon, like egg if you want. They’re making the burgers fresh for us, but we’re starting off with a juice, which is more like a, or maybe it’s a smoothie, I’m not sure what it is. What is it? It’s, oh I forget the name of it. I forget the name of it. I know I ate it, I know I had it in Peru and it’s like a, I had it in Mexico too. It’s mamey, yes, immediately. Okay, this one, original. Original. This one is with a giant slab of cheese. And plantain. Grilled cheese and plantains. This one is with the egg, right? And bacon, egg and bacon. Yeah. So three different versions, all the same patty. I think the point of the burger and the fritas, the mini shoestring fries, is that you want them to be falling out of your burger so that you have extra on the side. I mean there’s no way to hold them inside. This is, it’s made for the backslide. You want the backslide this time. All right, here we go. You want to share stools with me? Three guys, two stools. Between the stools, you got yolk squirted out. I got like hot meat juices and that picante sauce. It’s so incredibly juicy. I was not expecting that.

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Literally exploded with various juices. Meat juices, yeah. That cheese, the grilled cheese, and then the crunch of all those fries. Yeah, I mean, you also have the onion in there, too. You feel it, right? Crispy onions. And there’s raw onions too. There’s raw onions as well. Crispy onions and raw onions and now that you think about it, you taste the flavor of that patty with all those sauces that have been caramelized into the burger. It’s good right? And it’s more like almost like a chorizo. It’s like a spiced meat, exactly. Oh, man. That’s why it’s so good, right? So good. We crunch it? Yeah you can pour on top. I don’t want to put it down, but should we. Should we burger swap? I mean, if you want to, dude. I don’t know, that cheese looks so good, I might have to. Are we going clock wise or counter-clockwise? I’m going to pick up this is the egg one. The yolk has just spilled throughout the patty. This is the Crystal? Yeah. I’d personally go with Tabasco. Okay, but they don’t have it, dude. This is a Crystal’s place. Okay, perfect. Oh my God, the sweet plantain.

The egg is good, but that one with the plantain and the cheese, that’s still the best. Yeah it’s unbelievable. That one’s the best. Okay, pass. Okay, final one. This one, I think the original has come around. Cheers. Cheers. Cheers. They’re all good. The supreme with the plantain and the cheese tops everything. Without a doubt. But they’re all good. But don’t miss the supreme. What do you guys think? I think the supreme is number one. I mean, the cheese, the sweetness of the plantain, crispy. The contrast of flavors. The contrast. The original is good, I think  you got to try it, but you got to go with that. The original is still awesome. But, dude, the texture, love it, right here. Oh, and then the sugarcane juice to wash it down. That was incredibly tasty. That combination and layers of texture, and that secret sauce marinade of those patties, as well as the squashing move, like, the sum of it all together, made it superb and fun to eat. Okay, and we are moving on now to our next place, okay. We better cross the road while we can immediately when there’s no traffic. I think this is Calle Ocho still. Thank you for reading part one. Now continue to the next article to watch part two of this ultimate Miami food tour, where David and I head to Calle Ocho to taste a crazy amount of ice cream. Guava syrup and chocolate with cayenne pepper. David takes me to his favorite Venezuelan restaurant. Perfectly melty, warm, oozy. And we end the day by eating colossal stone crab claws. The size of your forearm. The colossals, looks like the size of my forearm.


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