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I hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s David. I’m in Chiang Mai, Thailand. And if you ask someone from northern Thailand what is their comfort food, it’s quite likely that they would say . It’s an amazing dish. I mean anyway, we’ll talk more about that later. But today is a very special day. We’re driving out to three Trees Doi Saket, which is, it’s about an hour away. And we’re gonna meet my friend, Hanuman. Hanuman is a great friend of mine, we go way back, and he is one of the most knowledgeable, he is the most knowledgeable person about Thai food that I know. He’s a master of Thai food and he runs a professional cooking class. And so today we’re gonna have an honor to go to his place. We’re gonna see the cooking. We’re gonna eat. It’s just gonna be a lot of fun and I’m gonna share it all with you in this article right now. We’re getting close, but the mountains are just incredibly beautiful. The greenery, the misty peaks.

And just to quickly tell you about Hanuman. Hanuman is a great friend of mine. We’ve been friends for many years. And formerly, he was based in Bangkok. But I had been following his entire journey. He bought this plot of landin Chiang Mai in Doi Saket and it was originally like a swampy area that he fully developed, he had the full vision. And so I had been following along the progress, him posting photos, he built a house, and that is now Three Trees Doi Saket.

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Ah, ready to eat? OK. That’s my first bite at Three Trees Doi Saket. Don’t tell Hanuman. Oh, it’s so good it has this beautiful sourness to it. I can smell it. Yeah, that’s awesome. Good morning, sir. How are you? Good to see you. Very good to see you. Good, how are you? Was it a good, good drive? Beautiful. Beautiful drive. Everyone say hello to Hanuman. Hello . Hanuman. And we’ve just arrived to Three Trees Doi Saket. It’s an honor to be here. On the way driving here, I was mentioning how you had told me the whole story of this place and how you had Yeah, it was a long. Transformed the entire property and so it’s so great to actually be here in person now. Yeah, you’re welcome, come. Thank you very much. This is the. Oh man, this is house is beautiful. So the house is basically stretched out. Wow. So this is the kitchen.

This is the dining room. Here we have an office and a small living room. The living quarters over there. OK. So those are theThose are the bedrooms. Those are your rooms. OK. So we have a naturally underground stream. Hmm. So we’re just getting first the tour, oh, be careful, Micah. Be careful, man. Down, down. Come on, man. Down, down. We’re just getting a quick tour walking around the house and the compound, but it’s laid out so incredibly beautiful. Thai style, yet with a modern touch. Yeah. There’s the kitchen and there’s the dining room at the front here and then the next room while walking on this beautiful wooden deck. These are the rooms here. So this is. This is our on sites ewer treatment system. This is where the magic happens.

Fully like a commercial kitchen. Even better. Yeah, that’s a commercial kitchen, but we have put the, all the dry spices are here, fresh ingredients here. That’s where the magic happens and then we’re ready to do Today. Today, yeah. Awesome. But I know it’s gonna be like the next level I hope so. I hope so. Yeah, for sure. Guaranteed. Anything that I’ve ever eaten with Hanuman or Hanuman has cooked, it blows your mind, just the next level, the care, the research and the zero shortcuts process that he takes in all of his cooking. The dish that we’re gonna be focusing on, that we’re gonna be making today, is calledand Andmeans Shan people or Shan people style, so it basically means or fresh rice noodles with Shan style broth. This is the cotton, we haven’t used it. What I do, I used it now, I useandis from soy beans. So I use . And I useand I use soy sauce. So you get all these levels of five Umamis going together. Yeah, those are all like fermented ingredients that just build in complexion with age. Just do red curries, good color, nice aroma.

So what we’re going to do, we’re going to do a red curry paste, and then we use an under paste. So with the under paste, we use fresh chili, just to improve the color. for northern tribes, you either use mature or in season you use. You’re making this purely on experience. You know all the amounts. You even, that comment that he made about half the amount of as chilis. You don’t measure. A quarter. You don’t measure. You don’t measure. You don’t measure. In cooking, ratios are more important than quantities. OK. So when you cook, you have to think ratios, rather than absolute quantities. So if somebody say to you, OK, take this, start to do the, you know how it throws the domino by ratios. And that’s . So that is fermented fish. That’s fermented fish. And what we do, we take the fermented fish, and we put it on a bed of lemongrass and . Now what I do, I do many layers. So then I can basically put it on low heat. And then I generate smoke. When that’s finished smoking, it’s just gonna be like flavor upon flavor upon flavor. Fermented soybeans? Yeah. Fermented soybeans. Made into a little. So again, when you have smoke, it goes good with the Umami.

Let’s do it third smoke. So we do it. We take the chilis, and we need to rate rate it. We would. This will be loud. That’s OK. As soon as, it just started to blacken just like a second, he tossed in water because we don’t want to blacken the chili, we don’t want the black chilis, we want to keep the chilis red, but that’s just gonna increase the smoky flavor. If we are doing smoke, so that’s burned in one day. OK, we’ll have smoke and fire? Coming right out of the pan. Those have just like blistered up. Oh, they’re so fragrant. So I put tomatoes, pink tomatoes, and charred tomatoes, so you get three layers, and you have one smoke, two smoke. Three smoke, four smoke. It’s all about layering. Counting your elements. Next level. Cut the nail. In the meantime, he’s preparing some of the ingredients for the broth, including chicken teeth and pork bones. Now, the same thing, you don’t have to decide it first, you basically just take it and cut it into little chunks. How is your pounding skills? Could be better. For the gray paste. 54 minutes? 54 minutes later, we will have a smooth paste with all of these ingredients that we’ve been preparing. All mingled together.

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So I put the, so it will be dry. So it will be dry when I put the shallot. In goes that fermented soy bean wafer, and then also the shallots next. And that is the little pile of fermented fish that he smoked out in the banana leaf packet. What’s so incredible to hang out with Hanuman as he cooks is the history, the culture, and just the wisdom that he brings with Thai food and knowledge. In order to get signals, you should have taste MSG. Taste it. I’ve never done this before. Taste it. I usually order without. There is nothing wrong with that, that’s Umami. Oh yeah, tastes like seaweed. So you didn’t get a big sensation, it’s something in your mouth, right? Now let’s unlock it. Take a cucumber and now taste it. Wow. Yeah, it’s like sea weedy. Now with a cucumber? Yeah, take with a cucumber. You can do it. Yep, yeah. It does change the like composition of it almost. The only free Umami flavor in nature is tomato. Tomato has both nucleotides and glutamates. In one. That’s cool. We put much attention to layering our Umami in the . So this is also an Umami factor. So you use big, you use green, you use mid, you use red, you use all the colors, so you get layering of the same element. And then you use then smoked, as well. is the cotton tree. I like to take a batch and deep fry it, be crispy, so we can eat it. Deep fried chilis and then we have to do chili oil, as well.

Hanuman is gonna do some of his own fried crispy ingredients. This is a homemade, 25 ingredients. (upbeat music) When I cook, I think about the three dimensional flavor profile. Where I have smoked fat Umami and then wrap it with rice, spice it, slice it with sours and swits and elevate it with herbs. Some people thinks that, you know, once you do a curry paste, you finish cooking. No, you just started. You created a new ingredient. So I create an under paste, and in the under paste, Iput things I want to show on my top paste. So in my top paste, I use fresh tomatoes. So I don’t have any fresh ingredients in my paste. I have dried chilis, I have all the Umami.

So I put layers of freshness under it so I get another layer, if you think about it in three dimensions. So Hanuman is starting on the under paste next. So, see, it’s not much. You use pork fat. All the components are prepared. We’re ready to start assembling curry, it’s a curry, yeah? Curry paste, it’s a curry. Anything that has a paste in Thai is a gang. Gang. Curry paste in there. Yeah, pork fat. Pork fat. Then curry paste. The under paste. Oh, the under paste first. Then the regular paste, and then the minced pork went in. Then he added in the stock with the chicken feet and the pork bones and then dropped in all of the tomatoes, the variety of tomatoes. We have saltiness from .

And some salt, right? So this is a first evaluation before adding. He did the two step. When you are cooking Thai food, it’s essential, it’s mandatory that you taste. Yes. The you can taste in there nicely. This is chicken? This is chicken. And then he just tossed in the chicken blood jelly. Curry is ready, it’s simmered for maybe 20 minutes or so? 15, 20 minutes. Yeah, wasn’t that long. And the dish is ready, the meal is cooked. The paste was pounded, and it was more about assembling it all and then just boiling it together for a little bit. But it’s to be eaten with, which are the soft, they’re fresh rice noodles.

Beautiful, yes. Hanuman, thank you, thank you. Fascinating. And that is mission complete. Even the assembling was beautiful. Combining those parts. I mean, you’ve got the curry. Then he added on those roasted firework tomatoes. Fried chilis and cotton flower. Some chili oil. Some fried garlic, some shallots, some pickled mustard greens, a Hawaiian wedge, it’s all there, it’s all ready. We’re ready to eat. Hanuman, thank you so much. My pleasure. It’s so beautiful. It’s so colorful. You’ve got all the, I mean, the curry, then the toppings, the multiple even layers and levels of toppings that go into this, and not only the food, but also we’re just staring into the greenery of the mountains. It’s beautiful, it’s beautiful. So we are all sitting down to eat. I’m gonna just like taste a little bit of, thank you.

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Yes, a little more chili oil on there. And you can see, the difference between the tomatoes that were cooked, within the curry, they’ve sort of like slightly dissolved and are sort of like mixed into the stew and made it tomatoey, but then you’ve also got the Umami fireworks tomatoes that were literally lit on fire for a few seconds, or for many seconds, and you can kind of stir it around, look at that, look at the chunky beautifulness of that. So thick compared to any other version of I’ve had. Whoa. The tomatoes. When we were sampling it, like you could taste the paste, you could taste the. But then the tomatoes sort of, now as they dissolve more, you can see how they’ve mingled into that. Sort of toned down the, but alsoThey’re the same group. They are Umami. So the , the soy sauce, they’re all Umami, and the tomato’s also an Umami, so she joins the group very easily. And then we have thepork, the chicken feet, the blood, they’re all Umamis, right? The Umami fire works tomato. Is that too much in one bite? No, I don’t think so. And may be a piece of blood, then. Yeah, that is a fully loaded bite. We have smoky, but like deep fried at the same time, tomato skin, and then itjust bursts into tartness and juiciness. Did I get some tomatosplotches on my chin?

That’s successful. So you can find just throughout markets and little local restaurants throughout northern Thailand, and it’s a very favorite dish, but most of the versions that I’ve had are quite watery and they’re more, yeah, they’re just much more watery. Not nearly as many tomatoes or spices or ingredients that go into theirs, but this one is not watery at all, even though it’s water based, it’s thick and rich and you taste vibrantly the tomatoes, as well as all those other fermented ingredients. It’s sensational. Yes. Thank you so much, Hanuman. Awesome. Thank you. For inviting us to share such an amazing dish. My pleasure. In your dream. This is beautiful. Yeah. And also.

The dish, the cooking, the food, which is delicious, but the knowledge and the stories behind it. That also makes a huge difference. Well, cooking is about humans. Is about making new friends. It’s about politics, it’s about war, it’s about trade, it’s about immigrations, it’s about natural resources, it’s about our health. There are so many layers that you can scrap through when you’re eating a dish. So, we’re at least for tunateto have another layer, which is friendship, that we can put on top of all of that. So welcome, it was really my pleasure having you. Thank you so much. I like it very much. Oh, you taste the dark soy sauce in there, too. When you get that much. That’s why you get the nice glaze, other wise you wouldn’t get the color.

Because the black soy sauce has molasses. That’s what makes it black. So you put it into the whole oil, you get some caramelization. What a day, what a cool day, man. Thank you. I’m quite the passive host. You know, it’s a self service water. No. No, Hanuman has been taking care of us is what he means to say. Like fully. And even, we’re the travelers. He’s telling us stories and feeding us. And with coffee at the end to finish off just an experience of a meal. Oh, cheers. Cheers. Cheers. Cheers. Mm. Oh I can smell the. Turkish coffee with the view. Yeah, things cannot get better than this. And now the light is changing so it’s really like bright green. I’m still processing the entire experience, but I mean, it was more than just a lunch and a meal, it was an entire educational experience and the food was unbelievably good, but the location, the atmosphere, the friendship.

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He’s so passionate and so knowledgeable about Thai food and even Thai history, which ties in so much into Thai cuisine. And you learn, I mean, justin spending a few hours with him this afternoon today, I learned so much aboutand then so much about Thai history and the process. And even on top of that, also about ingredients and the layers of flavor and taste. It’s such a sensory, such a well rounded experience, all wrapped up into Three Trees Doi Saket in a beautiful location. And Hanuman is offering professional cooking courses, total immersion programs. But even single day classes. So you can check out what he has to offer. I’ll have all his links in the description box below. But he is so knowledgeable. He’s a walking encyclopedia of Thai cuisine and history. And again, go follow Hanuman and I’ll have all the information in the description box below. I want to say a huge thank you to you for watching this article, please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you, and if you’re not already subscribed, click subscribe now, and also click that little bell icon, that way you’ll get notified of the next article that I publish. Thank you again for watching. Goodbye from , see you on the next article.

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