Tour of Tel Aviv and Hot Restaurant Ha Salon Food By Chef David

Behind the walls of a sign less abandoned looking warehouse in Tel Aviv is one of the most thrilling fine dining restaurants you’ll ever find the fresh high quality ingredients. The amusing energetic atmosphere and the open kitchen where you can watch every dish carefully prepared from start to finish our Reasons why this restaurant is known to be the best high end dining experience in Israel. Get ready, I’m taking you with me to eat an unforgettable meal at Tel Aviv’s ha salon. We made it to the restaurant look at our seats right in front of a big pile of meat and vegetables. See all of them cooking I love how they just set out all of the fresh produce. There’s even some figs and some cherries Just whole stalks of green onions and just a pile hunks of meat just sitting on the counter top before us. This is a fine dining restaurant, but at the same time it feels like you’re eating in the middle of a market and it’s owned by Al Shani who has he’s a Legend in the food scene in tel-aviv.

He’s a food scientist. He owns a number of restaurants around tel-aviv, but this is his flagship restaurant. It’s only open two days a week and it almost has like a laboratory feel to it. They slice things with expertise Everything is down to a science and the ingredients are the top of the notch. There’s  no better quality ingredients for the first bite. They’ve sort of served us some Pepper bread like a focaccia type of bread their tomatoes on and there’s some sage. It’s like perfectly gooey, but then that cream is so silky smooth. Next up we have FIGS carpaccio and he very very thinly and very delicately sliced up big figs laid them onto a plate, And then I think all he topped it was with is some salt some pepper some, and he he actually pounded the pepper so it’s fresh.

Eyal Shani Hot Restaurant in Tel Aviv Tour

He cracked that pepper open, and then there’s olive oil on there, and then some peas some. Parmesan Wow, this is just a beautiful dish It’s just absolutely pretty Well and the figs are just incredibly soft and tender Just that light sprinkle of probably sea salt that cracked black pepper the olive oil kind of brings it together and Then just only enough cheese to barely taste it and give it a little bit of saltiness. There’s just so much going on in the kitchen here. It feels like you’re in a food movie fantasy. The next dish that has come is a crab and they just Meticulously de L bet crab. It’s mixed with just some very light Ingredients I think some very light herbs.

There are some sprouts on there, and then there’s some raspberries to accompany it well I’m gonna try to get a bite with some of the crab, and I want that raspberry as well That crab is just melt-in-your-mouth and then. There’s almost like I think use some of those green onions that are sitting right in front of us but they’re so mild and then that raspberry are just like the purest raspberry. I’ve ever tasted next dish is a Shrimp bagel, but it’s like a superior shrimp bagel. They use crystal shrimp And he peeled the shrimp he just like so delicately so carefully the chef he layered on tomatoes. Thank you He leered on pickles, and then he layered on that shrimp, and then there’s it’s saucy and it’s their own version of a bagel so.

Tel Aviv Tour and Israel Foods

You’re gonna grab this All man Paul you can feel they’re like juiciness in your hands boozing with good flavors Oh, you can feel how soft and supple that is Okay, I can’t wait any longer Well that’s ridiculous the shrimp Is amazing and it’s like a like a creamy sauce and then but I can also taste, and there’s the refreshing dill So I’m just dripping all over the place, but it’s so good Introduction is the gumbo surface of my lemon okay? This kitchen is just so entertaining I’m just actually standing I’m standing I’m not even sitting and I mean I’m just at the edge of my toes watching the chefs work. Though one of the main dishes has come leave it up to duty to reorder the entire rack It’s lamb right yeah, because I know this way may be If we had them order it in the first place It’s already sold out so they only have my curiosity the whole restaurant for a nice so you pre-ordered it definitely sold out now, so before you If I came right out of the wood oven and you could see it that the ribs were actually alive still they were Pulsating it was like there was it was Bert. It was it was beating and you can see those juices just oozing okay? I can’t talk any longer It’s just it’s just utterly tender. It just slides. It just slips oh Look at that It’s just dripping with juices and just fall apart tender while that’s hot too.

Thank you sir, thank you All right, I’m going in for this he’s and look at just look at that the prettiness of that carmelization. That is caramelized beauty That’s in your mouth Nobody knows how to handle lamb. The ocean is closed so much research for Lam Just perfect I’m gonna use that bone. Just to kind of scoop up some of that meat below there and look Paul Oh, it’s so so lamb oily perfectly specific on the back. Vegetables you see oh yeah I Wow That is ridiculous that is unbelievably delicious you’re gonna want to lick your fingers after every single bite. Okay on second thought I will use my spoon because it’s so sloppily Tender down there that I think is a must Just pretend its own juices. It’s in its own juices We’re having one final dish it’s beef carpaccio, and then he brought it over to our bar counter table What he did was truly amazing he took a metal mallet and just pounded it into a paper fit It just spread out until like at least four times its size And you can just see that me like squishing out of the bottom of the mallet Oh, and by the way, it’s Robbie hey, I think that’s some basil on there I have a soft place in my heart for Rafi Just got back to the apartment after dinner that was the most fun and unique.

Eyal Shani Restaurant in Israel Famous Food

High end fine dining restaurant experience that I’ve ever had in my entire life. I just sat there in awe watching them cook It was like if it was like an amusement of culinary like experimentation it was it really was like a culinary lab a couple things quick things that you should know is that number one the Restaurant, it’s quite a lively restaurant, so they have two sittings They’re only open for two nights per week and they have two sittings the first setting is more calm you can sit and you can converse the Second setting you got to know is very lively It’s kind of almost like a nightclub experience they turn the music loud people start to dance So just keep that in mind number two is that it’s very expensive Our total bill came to 1,000 around one thousand three hundred shekels for The dishes that we had and that’s just Dave Annette and I eating so huge. Thank you to David Khalifa He’s the hungry tourist on Instagram And I’ll leave his link on in the description box You gotta follow him for some of the most amazing food throughout the world. I want to say a big Thank you to you for watching this article. Please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below thank you so much for watching this article and Yeah, that was such a such an honor to to have a chance to eat at that restaurant

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