Halwa is overly simple and exceptionally mainstream Indian treat formula, arranged uniquely on Indian celebrations and extraordinary events. This Halwa formula is set up with suji. It additionally has the decency of dense milk and extravagance of raisins, cashews and almonds which makes it an ideal reward for your friends and family. Set up this simple to-make halwa for your loved ones and intrigue them with your culinary aptitudes. You can serve this luscious halwa to your visitors during game evenings, smorgasbords to give a consul end to the supper and treat their taste buds with a blowout that they can savor lifetime.

Sooji halwa/halva is a well known Pakistani sweet served in breakfast, lunch, or supper. It tastes incredible alone as well however it is stunning when matched with poori. Halwa poori is simply to Pakistani what doughnuts are Americans; a yummy, upbeat beginning of the end of the week. My children simply love it and having it toward the end of the week is a custom for us and numerous individuals in Lahore and Karachi. It’s daily saver and can be made rapidly for visitors with straightforward fixings that are consistently present in the Indian wash room.


The best sooji halwa is delicate, damp, not in any way dry and uneven.

The way to best halwa is appropriately simmered semolina.

What makes halwa delicate is completely puffed semolina grains. To accomplish that cook sooji on low warmth. Include more water if sooji water is dried and yet not puffed.

Soji Halwa Latest

The clammy factor in sooji originates from fat. Best fat to make sooji is ghee or explained margarine. Halwa tastes and scents incredible with ghee. Another alternative is unsalted spread. At long last, you can make it in oil as well however it will be a major trade off on taste. Try not to attempt to lessen fat in the formula as halwa is weight gain food. It is liberal and there is no point making it low fat. Eat less yet it should taste incredible.

Aside from these subtleties, sooji halwa is anything but difficult to make and it is extraordinary for little children and infants.


Sooji halwa is one of the most straightforward and fastest halwa. The fixings are for the most part staple in the Indian kitchen.

Semolina: Semolina is a coarse flour produced using durum wheat. Durum wheat is unique in relation to entire wheat or regular wheat. Increasingly about semolina here.

Ghee: is explained spread utilized broadly in South Asian cooking. Ghee can be subbed with unsalted margarine.


Cardamom: is a fragrant Indian flavor. You can substitute cardamom with cloves or saffron.



In English sooji is called semolina. Semolina is an Italian word as semolina is utilized in Italian cooking to make dessert. Semolina flour is utilized to make pasta.

Sooji or suji is a Hindi/Urdu word. It is generally utilized in Pakistani and Indian cooking. Semolina is additionally called rava in South India and suji/sooji in North India and Pakistan.

sooji halwa served in a plate.


Stage 1

Take a profound non-stick container and warmth it on medium fire. Include ghee and warmth it for a moment. At the point when ghee softens totally, include semolina (suji) and broil it well.

Stage 2

While broiling the semolina (suji), mix it ceaselessly until it gives out a decent smell and turns light brilliant in shading.

Stage 3

At the point when semolina (suji) shows a sand-like consistency, include hacked cashews and cut raisins. Blend them well and meal it for few moments.

Stage 4

Then, take another skillet and warmth in on medium fire. Pour water and milk in the container and let it bubble. With regards to a bubble, include sugar. Mix it well.

Stage 5

At the point when milk-water blend is prepared, cautiously include the broiled semolina in the blend. Mix well while adding the semolina to guarantee there are no bumps shaped.

Stage 6

Utilize the rear of blending spoon to break the shaped knots, mix until milk-water blend joins well with semolina. Mix till it thickens.

Stage 7

Cook the blend till it thickens. At the point when it begins to leave the sides of the skillet, turn off the fire. In conclusion, decorate the halwa with slashed almonds and serve while it’s as yet hot!

Soji Halwa Pakistani

I’m no master in child’s nourishment however I can give essential aides while making sooji for infants. Continuously recall each kid is extraordinary and has diverse processing abilities. Modify his food varying and present each thing in turn. Check more insights concerning acquainting sooji with infants here.

For 4-multi month children, semolina is just bubbled in water. A little sugar or salt can be added to the flavor. As the infant develops and his stomach becomes accustomed to processing it. You can include little milk and spread alongside water following 8 months. Add milk to sooji just when you’ve begun giving dairy animals’ or other milk to your infant and he can process it.

At the point when your child is 1-year in addition to or has begun to eat from your table, you can make sooji like this. Sautee a couple of tablespoon sooji in margarine or ghee at that point add milk and sugar to sooji. Cook on low warmth for 10 minutes and include more milk if necessary. Sooji ought to be completely puffed and delicate. Cool sooji totally then feed the infant. You can store this sooji halwa in the ice chest. In a perfect world, warm and cool to room temperature before taking care of the infant once more.

Never add food shading or saffron to sooji if making for small kids. You can add beneath products of the soil to make sooji progressively nutritious for the kid. Again ensure you have just acquainted the beneath food separately with child and you realize he can process it. At exactly that point add it to sooji and make it progressively mind boggling.


When sooji is prepared, you can add any of these nourishments to make halwa it more delectable and to include a bend. These augmentations are extraordinary for children and babies.




preserves of your preferred natural product, decrease sugar in halwa to modify the sugar in jelly.

orange zing (not suggested for children)

parched coconut

yam (less sugar will be included)


Aside from mango and preserves, I have by and by attempted all varieties, they all add more delicateness and add to the healthy benefit of halwa alongside flavors.


The halwa is very easy to make however a little variety can affect a tremendous distinction in surface and taste.

Making sheera or sugar syrup is straightforward. Put all fixings in the pot and bubble it. At the point when sugar liquefies sheera is prepared. You can skip raisins in case you’re not enamored with it. Including food shading or not is an individual decision, generally it is included.

Take any wide and thick based vessel. Warmth ghee and include the cardamom and cloves. Let it pop somewhat then include the semolina. ( Cloves are discretionary here.)

Semolina is brilliant. At this stage include sheera, the sugar syrup.

New Soji Halwa Dish

(In another well known technique, sugar, water, and food shading are included straightforwardly at this phase without making sheera. I prescribe you to make sheera independently as it gives a smoother surface without a great deal of mixing. As a drawback, you have to wash one additional pot yet it is absolutely justified, despite all the trouble.)

A delicious halwa is prepared to appreciate. You can see the halwa resembles a thick sauce at this stage. As it cools, sooji will ingest more water, and halwa will thicken.


For Sheera (sugar syrup)

1½ cup sugar , or more to taste

3 tablespoon raisins , discretionary

3 cups water

A touch of yellow food shading

Soji Halwa Traditional Dish

For Semolina

¾ cup explained spread, (ghee), substitue with unsalted margarine or oil

3 cloves, (laung)

½ teaspoon cardamom powder

1 cup fine semolina, sooji


3-4 tablespoon pistachio and almonds, hacked



Bubble water, sugar, food shading and raisins in a vessel. At the point when sugar breaks up totally. expel from warmth and put in a safe spot.


In another pot, heat explained margarine and fry cardomom powder, cloves and semolina. Fry until semolina shading changes and fragrant. Semolina consumes rapidly so mix continually.

Presently, include sheera water in semolina pot. Cook for 10 minutes on low warmth so semolina puffs totally. Continue blending and cook until oil isolates from sides. (Sooji halwa ought to be runny and not knotty. It will retain more water after cooling and thicken.)

Enhancement with pistachio and almonds.

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