Palestinian Food Amazing Delicious Arabic Feast By David

Good morning hope you’re having a great day. It’s David and today is going to be an absolutely incredible day. I’m on my way to the West Bank in Palestine and I’m gonna visit both Bethlehem and Hebron which are two very important, very significant cities. And I’m also really looking forward to a local Palestinian Food Lunch That I’m going to be eating at a local Family’s home in Bethlehem This is going to be a Very special day and I can’t wait to share it with you We drove all the Way through Jerusalem and We Have arrived now into Bethlehem I Arranged to take This tour to Bethlehem and also to Hebron with a Company Called  Visit Palestine and so We’ve Just arrived to the office at Palestine our tour Guide whose name Is William he’s gonna meet us here in a few Minutes.

But This Is a nice little cafe well a coffee Would be an order before getting started oh? Double espresso a Fantastic Way to start the morning but such a Nice Pleasant outdoor Terrace area and you have a Nice view overlooking? Bethlehem here I can’t believe I’m in Bethlehem This is this is amazing okay we met Up with William Aye he’s an awesome guy and he will be touring us around Bethlehem and Hebron Today We Are standing Now on starr street Thus the Very famous street in Bethlehem and We Will start from Here the tour and i hope You would Enjoy it oh yes I’m already Loving It and he’s Already Mentioned That we’re gonna go to a local Family’s Home To eat a a meal and We Got a Lucky day Because the family is having some relatives Over so they’re gonna have? Some amazing Food i can’t wait to try lunch Today as Well but first we’re gonna walk around.

Amazing Palestinian Food

We’re gonna Go to the Church of Nativity? we’re in a small Assyrian Neighborhood with an old the old Town of Bethlehem We Just came Up to the rooftop of this guest house and we Have a full 360 view of old Bethlehem this is Beautiful It’s amazing It Makes me want to Just stay in Bethlehem for a Few nights.Explore more The view is stunning up well that’s awesome This Is a tire We’re walking Through The old streets of Bethlehem Now and we’re stopping at a at a Bread store and he’s getting Ready to Make some Money is yeah you just pulled a Fresh man she Right Out of That Rock Oven there’s a fire burning and There’s a Car all Over This Flatbread Full of time and sesame Seeds Let’s Try it oh so hot Nice Very nice amazing It’s so hot and fresh and What i love about it is that topping with the fresh Thyme and the sesame seeds It’s like flaming Hot though Right Out of the Oven That Bakery Was fantastic I have to the flavor of Zatar Lingering in My mouth.

Now we are Walking Towards the church of Nativity? Walking Through These ancient market streets This is Beautiful we made it to the church of Nativity we’re entering right Now under this small archway and They’re Doing restoration for a Number of Years But you can Still see some of the original Mosaic.Which dates back to the 300s we are in the karate oh Now this is the stable this is where the Livestock Where the animals were Kept and this is where Jesus was born over here? look At It close Up this is good okay car And Then Over Here on this side This is the the manger where Jesus was placed This is the manger? It’s such a such a peaceful Such a such a special place It was really an amazing moment to touch The star Where Jesus Was born That’s One of those situations Where you Get the shivers as you’re doing It and then it’s he leaves you speechless.

Delicious Palestinian Food

So we Just Jumped in the car and we’re on our way to the where we’re heading. Now so we’re going to the separation wall and we’re gonna see a very wonderful hotel in Bethlehem the Waldorf hotel look at how tall this wall is okay we’re entering into the walled-off hotel now which is a Boutique hotel. Which faces the wall Inside of the hotel you can’t take photos because it’s very boutique and there’s a Lot of art in here but There’s a museum behind there where we’ve come explaining the situation of the wall we’re driving there’s a road that runs along the wall but we are driving on our way now to a host Family That’s gonna host us for lunch. We made it to a local families hold on and we’re gonna have a lunch Here Micah has Already made so many trips.

Yes I would love to okay we’re going upstairs to the kitchen for the oven is well the kitchen Is down here but the oven is upstairs okay oh? So you have family that’s visiting today so that is chicken roasting Okay it’s a beautiful home yeah? and lunch Is in the oven stuffed it’s stuffed Chicken are you the cook yes okay Awesome. Thank you very much we like this salads like this is good chopping some salad the food the chicken and rice in the Oven is done we’re gonna pull it out hey judge mushy because mushy wow the aroma is amazing oh? You can just smell that smoky aroma smells incredible It’s chicken which is stuffed with rice and spices and then oh there’s meat also okay and then that’s put into a plastic bag yes and then it’s baked all together yes and the plastic bag sort of holds in the flavor and keeps all the keeps all the juices in I wish you could smell.

This right now the aroma of the spices is just incredible and it is so hot yeah I’m so fresh and look at all that Juice and now each packet goes onto a Plate to serve that smells like some of the best Roast chicken. You’ll ever have lunch is ready we are sitting down for a family It’s a really unique way of cooking Inside that plastic bag and then he took out the plastic bag you can cut open the chicken and Just like a an eruption of seam. You can smell all Those spices in there and it’s stuffed with meat and rice and potatoes aren’t on the side It looks amazing It smells incredible the salad big leaves and bell Peppers with the cucumber The dressing is Just lemon juice salt and pepper and olive oil Thank you got some red it’s a beautiful bread and I can’t wait to dig into that chicken all that chicken is so tender It just falls apart.

Middle East Famous Foods

Tender you can grab some chicken and grab some of that rice with it Put this on my plate. And I’ll grab some where that rice get a close-up look at that rice and potatoes it’s almost like it’s glistening because It almost looks like sticky with all of that juices from the chicken which I’ve just been soaked into there okay I Just cannot I Just cannot wait to try the chicken a piece of that chicken with the rice oh? and some of that skin is a must good amazing it’s so good sack then Zaki oh it’s so good literally that rice is like It’s like melting because it’s soaked up all of that chicken juices and oils you can taste a light spice blender and oh and there’s also meat in the rice giving it even more flavor and then the chicken is Just fall apart.

Tender amazingly fresh nice and sour from the lemon juice okay oh yeah I’m gonna take that potato. I will grab it with that piece of bread.  Very good again the potato oh the potato has a lemon flavor cut and again just like the rice the potato. Just kind of melts in your mouth because it’s Been cooked for so long and just has absorbed all of those chicken juices and chicken oils I think that’s the same race rate. This Is a fantastic home-cooked meal that chicken it just stays like completely hot in throughout your meal it’s still flaming hot One more dish has come to the table just an entire bowl of fresh almonds Which have been roasted and cooked and these are almonds right from the tree right outside oh.

You can just  put that aside you can just  put that on your rice or on your food and just  Garnish Just  garnish With all those almonds are amazing. They’re so fragrant and crispy  I could snack on those non-stop forever. Those are like the best almonds. You’ve ever had in your life the best almond talked about grad my life and it’s just  with nothing on it.  It looks similar to a cucumber but It has Kind of a fuzzy peach like skin and you eat It with nothing on it Just so Juicy and crisp It’s almost like a melon. But not sweet we’ve also got a plate of apples. Here for dessert and these are apples will right up the tree they are literally like right out the doorstep right. There that’s really sour and really sweet all that the same time this is the apple tree right Here oh yeah and It just  happens to be season of all.

There’s apples all and unfortunately we can’t Stay. Too long because we’re on our way to keep it on but this was an amazing meal I’ve said this so many times before but there’s nothing as good as eating a local meal at a family home and the food was awesome. But really the generosity and  the welcoming. Subfamily is what always shines and that was that was fantastic. I loved It a meal and Bethlehem friendly generous people. This is this is the reason to travel for food for sure. We’re on our way now to Hebron which is about a 30-minute drive south of Bethlehem.

We drove we made it to Hebron and we’re stopping first at it’s a glass ceramics factory. This and we’ve hot his Known Lord ceramics and the giant furnace right ahead. We’re watching them glassblowing here and it’s just  a I’ll rage asleep hot furnace putting the glass within the furnace and then blowing and working. The glass amazing heart and it’s really amazing to watch them he’s using three pins but I’m sure he’s Just  sweating full-time you I can feel the heat Just  radiating on my face right. Now my respect to the glassblowers they just  sit with their the heat on their face all day long and blow. That glass it’s really an amazing art to watch.

Making Famous Palestianian Dish

We made it to the old City of Hebron so ancient. Walk around the old city now up here on this old city is amazing and we’re walking through the market streets. Now on our way to the al ibrahimi Mosque. Hello lots of clothing and food or walking through an ancient tunnel now Little convenience shops spice stores oh you can smell the spices you can smell the coffee. That’s a food stall So now we’re going to the chicken part okay are you looking a minute. We made it into the mosque and we took off our shoes and have come into this section and we are here to see the tombs so Abraham Isaac and Rebecca and Lakiya and Rebecca solve for four people Abraham Isaac Lenka and Rebecca are all their tombs are all here.

Now we’re going to the two Abraham’s tomb which is right through this door right behind this gate that is Abraham’s Tomb and Abraham Is considered The father of Abraham. This is a amazing how peaceful it is and how ancient it is walking on the outside of the mosque and you can see the different layers of history. The Construction upon it and the original the original structure was built by King Herod the Great but then the crusaders came along in and built. It almost it’s almost Like castle structure like on the outside here. Thank you stopping here for some fresh juice I got a mixture of carrot and orange and Lemon I think all together all it’s really good you can taste those sweet carrots In there.

That Contrast of that lemon and orange just  very cheap five shekels for getting all of this stuff imagine. It’s refreshing it’s so good no sugar added icing at the old city of Hebron stop by and drink the fresh Juice it’s very nice. This is a place you want to stop really good. A jelly very sweet we got it’s like. A Jelly it has a little bit of a maybe for all.  Just could not resist buying some spices. Now we’re at a pickle shop now and he just  has these are just  beautifully and brightly colored pickles I love the pink Pickles.

There are a number of different olives tub of Chili sauce. This is grapes Greeks Pickled almonds this is a pickled Greek really sour really good. That’s like a sour grape like sour times 10 but It’s endangered. This ancient City of Hebron is just  absolutely amazing and so much history and it’s Just  ancient but due to the conflicts this city has battled with it really it has a deserted feel to it it’s Kind of empty it’s really Kind of quiet there are a few shops but there’s really not a lot going on and it has kind of almost feel to it.

We just  pulled over on the side of the road there are lots and lots of Grapevines. There’s a Fruit stall right Here maybe we can sample some type of a local plum. How’s that like sugar so fresh and so sour wow that’s good that’s amazing so sour and so juicy.The combination of being here in Bethlehem and going to the Grotto the church of the nativity and seeing the manger where Jesus was Born then having lunch with that that local and lunch with The family and their generosity and then Going on to Hebron and seeing The old city as well as the tomb of Abraham really the combination of food the history. Here it’s an emotional a special an incredible place to come and Oh some our guide was it was really cool he really he really took care of us.

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