Pakistani Thai Food AWARD WINNING GOAT CURRY in Thailand

Hey, everyone. I hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s David. I’m in the Southern Thailand province of Trang. And today is a big day. It’s a special day because there’s a Thai-Pakistani family who has a farm, a goat farm. We’re going to visit the farm. We’re going to see the goats. And they’re going to prepare for us a Thai-Pakistani meal with goat. You already know my love for Thai food. You know my love for Pakistani food. And so this is going to be an amazing meal. I can’t wait to share it with you in this article.  We just arrived at the farm. It’s called Sacha Farm. It was about a 20, almost a 30-minute drive to get here from the center of Trang town. This is where they’re going to cook. They have some signature dishes, but especially, it’s going to be Pakistani food with Thai, Southern Thai influence. His father came from Pakistan, so fully Thai-Pakistani. Amazing. Yes, Micah, the beds from Pakistan. I remember. Yes. These are the greatest relaxing, eating chairs of any culture maybe in the world. Oh, man. And this just brings back, this is, this is straight up Pakistan-Thailand.

This is amazing. And then I think he’s giving us a quick tour of his office. Micah, come, let’s go. Let’s go see the office real fast. Ah. David Oh, award for, oh, they won the award for curry goat. My anticipation is growing. I’m getting more and more excited. And then the Pakistani relax beds. Oh, man, it could not get better. Oh, yes, Thai and Pakistan.  Yeah, Thai-Pakistan. David Thai-Pakistan. We’re sitting down for some, this is a cool cup, Thailand-Pakistan. This is a chai tea made with the fresh goat’s milk. Oh, okay? Okay. Oh, oh, yes. Oh, that is the flavor. Oh, it’s rich, it’s creamy, slightly sweet, the strong tea. Oh, it’s perfect. Oh, he’s going to start cooking now? Okay. Oh, it’s buttery. Oh, man. David And this is his wife. Awesome. So nam prik is a Thai chilidip, kind a like a chili sauce, but with goat meat. And so, oh yeah. And so this is really going to be a combination of Thai-Pakistani food. I am absolutely thrilled. And he’s adding onions first to oil. He added in a whole bowl full of minced fresh goat, and he’s just sautéing that down, cooking it down, and then he’s going to add the seasonings, the spices   Okay. At first, I thought it was a tomato paste because it’s such a deep dark red, but that’s a chili paste. Not too spicy, he said, but extremely fragrant. In goes a whole bowl of tomato puree.

Pakistani Goat Curry in Thailand

It’s turning into achili paste, meat paste. That’s going to be just perfect for scooping up with roti or with bread.    Oh, okay. Now we’re getting more to that Southern Thailand or the Thai food influence into the Pakistani food. He adds in a little bit of fresh coconut sugar, just a little bit, which is going to balance the flavors and bring them together. Really low, slow frying that, draining, and also making sure that it turns dry so all the juices, all the fat kind of boils out, evaporates. He added in both fresh chopped chili and dry ground chili. Nam prik nuea phae. That means chili dip with goat, minced goat. And so the nam prik, again, it’s like, it’s an essential Thai dish. This is kind a the prettier one that they made first, taken some photos, but here’s how we’re really eating it, just off the plate like this. He’s like a community leader here. He’s the community leader here too, an amazing uncle and his family. And then some people come in also to buy fresh meat. They have chicken. They have goat.

They have eggs. And some people, they straight up walk in to buy some meat. Other people just come into say hi and to hang out. Uncle is just saying hi to another friend.  Okay, we’re breaking into the roti. Oh, it’s hot, it’s fresh. Oh, it’s so flaky, yeah. I cannot wait to try it. I’m going to break into this pretty one, but I cannot wait to try this chili dip, goat chili dip. That roti is so flaky and so hot and so fresh. It has this incredible tartness, sourness to it. And it’s spicy, and it’s a little bit balance of sweetness from that coconut sugar that he added.  And then just out of nowhere, auntie comes with a plate of goat curry which came from the kitchen. They said from, they made it earlier. Oh, man, their hospitality, unbelievable. I think we’re even going to make some goat curry, but they have some from, they said, this morning already. Okay, I got to try that curry. And this is the award winning, their award-winning goat curry. Oh, wow. Oh, wow.   I think I got a piece of liver.   Ah, okay.  That’s incredible. It’s so fragrant. And they’re just explaining to us that, that they don’t add oil. They don’t add ghee. They don’t add extra oil. But they add coconut milk. That’s the Southern Thai influence. That’s the, again, the combination. Oh, that’s insane. Wow. That curry is amazing.  That is an award-winning curry.

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I love how they’re just hanging out with us, uncle and auntie, the whole family, and so welcoming, so friendly. Wow that curry and that chili dip. Okay, I’ll take another bite of that. I love the flavor of the chili dip. It’s just unbelievable flavor. Ying, how is that? That Curry sauce is just insane flavor.  What a harmony of flavor. Oh, that’s, that is extraordinary. Flavor burst. He’s going to get started; he’s going to get started making the goat curry. So he’s just frying up some goat, a selection of chopped goat parts. There are bones in it. There is a little bit off at, but not too much. What a move, what an ingredient. I have not seen that before. He added in a little handful, I think four or five dates to it. And now he’s just dry frying that. He actually drained the oil that came out of the meat already. He wants it dry just to make it more lean, and then puts those dates in and still dry frying it. Oh, you can immediately smell that sweetness coming out of it.  And here goes in all the coconut milk. Ah. And then he’s just simmering that goat. But then he just brought out the whole bowl of curry paste that’s going to go into the curry. That’s all the flavor. And again, what’s different is that they’re using a combination, in South of Thailand, most of the spices used, they rarely use, I mean, they use a little bit of dry spices, but it’s mostly fresh spices, fresh turmeric, fresh roots that make the curry paste.

So they’re kind a of using a combination of both the fresh ingredients of Southern Thailand plus the dry spices like cinnamon, clove, but it’s all blended into a paste already with fresh turmeric, with coriander, with cumin. It looks like there might be some tomatoes in there as well. And that aroma is unbelievable. It’s a harmony of Thai-Pakistani food. You even smell the cinnamon and the clove a little bit as well, and the cumin for sure.  Some more of uncle’s friends have just arrived. And his, their family is so hospitable. Everyone who comes sits down. They offer them food. And now, they’re sitting down for some of the nam prik, some of the chili dip that we just ate. And right as I said that, it’s about to start down pouring, or it is down pouring all of a sudden Whoa. And that aroma coming out of the curry pot, it’s almost like a karahi. It is just unbelievable, the fumes of that curry paste, the fumes of the coconut milk simmering down, the aroma of the fresh goat. And now, he’s just slowly simmering it, letting that meat get nice and tender and letting that spice, letting that flavor just absorb into the meat. And he keeps on adding more coconut milk as it starts to evaporate. He added in just a few cinnamon sticks next. That’s like a masala kind a mixture of spices almost.  Next step, another incredible ingredient that goes in is toasted shredded coconut. And immediately, you can smell the aroma coming off of that coconut but roasted aroma. And as opposed to Southern Thai curries, this is a much slower process.

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He keeps feeding in coconut milk, probably 10 times or so, added more coconut milk, simmered that down slowly. As it evaporates, that’s going to thicken. That’s going to enrich in the sauce, seep into the goat meat. And also probably simmering it quite a long time to tenderize the goat as well. I wish you could smell that aroma. It’s out of this world. Then some potatoes go in.  Yes. We are all waiting for the curry, so they got a fresh bowl. You all got a fresh bowl. And they’re loving it too, taking photos. That fresh curry, wow, that sauce, the thickness of it. And I think we ran out of roti. We ate all the roti, so we’re eating it with bread now, which is, I mean, it’s all about that curry. I just want that sauce. That sauce is unbelievable.  Wow. Oh, it’s just stunning. You will not believe that flavor, the harmony, the blend. And this is my first time to eat Pakistani-Thai food. It is literally right in between, combining forces, joining into just a symphony of rich flavor. That is award winning. Now you see like they have awards all over the place for the freshness of their meat, for their goats, raising goats. And then also, they’ve received an award for their goat curry, and now I know why. It is insane.  Wow. And then just the freshness. I mean, you know you’re getting fresh goat when you come to the source, to the farm. Awesome. They’re going to make goat biryani next. And that potato in there too. Yeah, you don’t even need bread or roti or anything. You can just spoon this, spoon this into your mouth.  With that curry still coating my mouth, he’s getting started on a biryani, making a biryani with goat.

He sweated down the onions. He added in tomatoes. He added in the coriander roots. And then he added in, again, that fresh curry paste mixture of turmeric and garlic and probably chilies, but that’s all mixed into a fresh, they’re using the fresh ingredients, which is, yeah, again, common of Southern Thailand. Another dish. This is totally unexpected. Okay, and there’s goat. Boiled goat goes in. And they also tossed in a handful of star anise. There’s so much spice in there. To make the biryani, he’s virtually made an entire curry. And it’s so thick. There’s so much spice in it.  I think that’s cow’s ghee, butter that then goes into that. He said it’s going to make the rice more fluffy. And the rice goes in.   That is just an unbelievable ratio of rice to spice and goat mixture. And that’s going to cook in the rice cooker normally now because all that spice is already ready. The meat is soft and tender. Cook for about 30 minutes. And in the meantime, I think the rain has almost stopped. We’re going to walk around and see the goats.  Moving to the back to see some of the goats.   Oh. Wow. This is the kitchen for when they have a big order, because they make goat curry, they make biryani for events. You can order it, actually. You can order it. Ah, and they can even deliver to Bangkok. Oh, the goat museum, some of their awards and a sofa, goat skulls and goatskins.  I think we’re going to milk the goats. Wow. They are such healthy, such good looking, such quality goats. They even smell good, and look good. Their breed now, they’re livestock.

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Goats have mostly come from a combination of Australia and New Zealand and then bred with local Thai. So they have some huge goats too, massive goats. Wow. The Thai breed buffalo.  This is the education center where they provide classes, learning courses about farming, about raising livestock.  He opens up that pot of biryani. Immediately, a puff of all of that spice, it’s curry just absorbed into rice now. It smells so good. and some of the curry too. Yes.  Okay, we are sitting down around three. And this rice, you can just see how fragrant it is, and that oily individualness from that, everything. Oh, wow. Look at that color and the oily individual pieces. And chef, oh, wow. It is so fragrant and light and fluffy, and the goat flavor. I got to try this pickle, mango pickle, eat with it and some of that goat. The goat is so tender and soft. And just mix that in a little bit. Wow. Oh, that mango pickle, that is like a punch of salty, spice and sourness. And next up, I have to eat some of that curry on the biryani. Oh, man, that’s just richness upon, it’s like a curry on top of a curry upon richness. Oh, wow. That is an award-winning curry.   I love this pickle. Wow. Oh, what a meal! Really good quality goat. That’s some of the meat that they sell at the Davidet. It’s really a neutral taste. Almost, you could almost think it’s beef when you eat it, yeah, but really, really good, and really lean too. And there was absolutely no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to come recline on the Pakistani style bed after a meal. Oh, the memories of Pakistan and the joy of eating and then relaxing and socializing. This is the right thing to do. We ended up spending the entire afternoon here. We thought we were just, I didn’t even know what to expect, but it just turned into an all-day affair where we’ve just been hanging out.

Their hospitality, their kindness, their friendliness, their just treating us like family is beyond words. And so it was a complete honor to have this experience and to spend the day with this amazing family. Farm is called Sacha farm. It’s in Trang, about 30 minutes away from the city. And you can, I’ll have all the information in the description box below, but you can order fresh goat meat. It’s halal. You can order it. They’ll send it anywhere throughout Thailand, so you can order fresh goat meat. That’s number one. Number two, you can order the curry and they can send it anywhere in Thailand. So if you’re in Bangkok, you can order curry. I’ll have the link in the description box below. You can order the biryani, but I think the curry is, that is the top of the top. So I want to say a big thank you to you for reading. Please remember to give this article a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you. And if you’re not already subscribed, click subscribe. And also, click the little bell icon. And that way, you’ll immediately get notified of the next article that I publish. Thanks again for reading. Good bye from Trang in Southern Thailand. And I will see you on the next article.

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