I firmly suggest utilizing Pakistan Gate Classic for every one of your biryani plans, I feel no other rice approaches. Also, no, I was surely not paid to state this. The rice we have been utilizing it at my home when I was little as well.

So on the off chance that you get this rice in the spot that you live, certainly attempt to utilize it. As I am a major enthusiast of potatoes, this was really an astounding thing for me as I would now be able to appreciate the decency of two most loved things in a single dish.

In Pakistani, particularly Karachi, Biryani is frequently made on Fridays or on ends of the week; likewise in authentic suppers or weddings or cookout or whatever; biryani fits in all occasions. Furthermore, it’s in every case great, never exhausting.

Individuals of Karachi can’t survive without Biryani. Like, regardless of whether we are voyaging some place in China or Far-east, we’ll locate a Pakistani café or perhaps an Indian eatery and eat Biryani. What’s more, the fulfillment is sublime.

Rice For Chicken Biryani


A decent Biryani ought to have independent yet completely cooked rice grains.

Salt is generally critical in the kind of each food ensure you utilize salt in all progression marination, splashing rice, cooking rice, sauce, and singing potatoes. Be that as it may, that is doesn’t mean you exaggerate.

The oil, I utilized is least conceivable with valid flavors however genuine biryani calls for much more oil. When customarily lamb biryani is cooked fat pieces (riwaj) are likewise included for substantial flavors and oily dampness.

Singing or bhonofying, that implies cooking on high fire till all water dries and oil obviously isolates on sides of the pot. It is generally urgent all through Pakistani food. On the off chance that you Bhunofy it accurately, it will be finger-licking great. The main issue for bhonofying is you have to include a touch of additional oil.

Entire flavors like pepper, sound leaves, cardamom are for fragrance just, they discharge their juices and flavors in rice. Try not to chomp them. Simply set aside as you do with bones.

Sort of rice is significant, use basmati rice or sella basmati rice. Earthy colored rice is useful for pulao, not Biryani.


On the off chance that you don’t have a couple of flavors like sound leaves and dark cardamom, it’s alright. You can skip them.

In the event that your biryani rice is exceptionally hard when you gather, you can sprinkle include additional water the last layer of rice to mollify yet recollect the sauce likewise has some water.

Masala For Biryani Chicken

On the off chance that your rice turns somewhat gentler, dry out your sauce a piece and include little water in shading.

A little presence of mind and a touch of experience will make you expert biryani cook.



Marinate with flavors and only 4 tablespoons of yogurt. Blend well and let it sit for 20 minutes or ideally overnight. (This progression makes chicken delicate and succulent.)


Wash rice and absorb water for 20 minutes or as recommended on the pack. (This progression is significant as it permits the grain to grow at it best and furthermore lessens the cooking time of rice with cooking, Go for best quality rice here!

Bubble water with all flavors and salt. Blend well, include drenched rice. Cook until 70% is cooked. (2 kaani chawal). (Tip: The water ought to be sweet-smelling. When the water is completely bubbled and has changed shading you may evacuate large flavors with an opened spoon just on the off chance that you abhor entire flavors.) Not suggested.

Put a little oil on rice so rice grains are all around isolated. Put in a safe spot.


While rice cooks, fry your potatoes in oil with a touch of salt. The potatoes ought to be completely cooked, embed a fork to check. (Tip: You can likewise heat up the potatoes with a spot of shading and salt as opposed to singing. A few people fry potatoes in the wake of bubbling.)

Fry onions in same oil until brilliant, cool the until on kitchen towel at that point squash it with hand or processor. ( You can likewise utilize 1 stuffed cup of pre-seared onions in the formula and avoid this progression.)

Blend onion additionally in the marinated chicken.

Expel additional oil from wok wherein we singed potato and onions and leave just ½ cup oil. Fry marinated chicken in that oil for 10 minutes until oil isolates.

In this photograph, you can see the shade of chicken is changed and a little oil has isolated on the sides of the skillet.

Presently, include tomato puree, you may include cut tomatoes in the event that you like entire tomatoes in biryani.

Subsequent to including tomato puree, blend well and cook further for 10-15 minutes on high fire until water dries and oil isolates. (Bhunofy) This progression is significant. After the oil has isolated include staying 3/4 cup yogurt in the chicken. Blend well.

Blend in all the rest of the fixings, spices, seared potatoes, green chilies and prunes.

At this stage, include gram masala powder for solid smell. Sauce for biryani is prepared. (Most significant hint. We need thick and runny sauce for biryani and not dry. The sauce gets ingested in rice and gives flavors. On the off chance that incase sauce is dry include a little water and make it runny.)

Chicken Biryani Latest

Smear approximately 2 tablespoon oil on the base of the overwhelming based pot for crunchy khurchan. At that point separate rice generally into three sections. Spread ⅓ rice at the base of the pot.

Presently partition chicken sauce into two sections. Include 1/2 of it in this layer. (Uniformly partition and layer the chicken pieces, potatoes, and sauce in this layer.)

Again include ⅓ layer of rice. (In this photograph you can obviously observe my rice simply 70% cooked and isolated.)

Include the second layer of staying chicken sauce. (Gap the chicken and potatoes uniformly.)

Spread the last layer of ⅓ rice.

On this layer, I include saffron absorbed ½ cup water. Make to spread uniformly.

At that point sprinkle 4-6 tablespoons of oil everywhere throughout the last layer of rice.

In Pakistani Biryani, Orange or yellow (zarda) shading blended in with water and kewra or saffron pith is likewise included.

Include that too for brilliantly hued rice.

You may include hacked mint and seared onions on top.Seal the pot with foil, ( sodden towel or thick fabric, each of the four closures are tied over the top.) Cover firmly with the top. (This fixing strategy of rice is called ‘dum dena’ in Urdu.) Dum enables the rice to cook totally while retaining the kinds of sauce and with showered oil. Serve hot with plates of mixed greens and chutney.


For Rice

4 cup (700 grams) basmati rice, absorbed water for 10 minutes

2 inch cinnamon

½ teaspoon cumin seeds

1 entire inlet leaf

6 dark pepper

3-4 cloves

Water, to bubble rice

4 teaspoon salt, or as required

Marinate Chicken

1 (750 gram) chicken, cut in 12 pieces

1 cup yogurt, separated

Pakistani Chicken Biryani New


2 tablespoon green stew glue

3 tablespoon ginger garlic glue

1 tablespoon red stew powder, or 2 tablespoon Biryani masala

1 tablespoon coriander powder

1 teaspoon cumin seeds, ,broiled

¾ teaspoon turmeric powder

2 inch cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon dark pepper

1½ teaspoon Garam Masala Powder

5 cloves

2 dark cardamom

1 inlet leaf

1 teaspoon salt , or to taste

For sauce

Oil , to broil

5 (400 grams) potatoes, cut in huge pieces

4 (500 grams) onion, daintily cut (or 1 cup seared onions pressed)

4-5 to (500 grams) tomatoes, crude pureed

¾ cup yogurt, whipped

4 prunes*

1-2 teaspoon talk masala, (include just on the off chance that you like hot food)

1 fistful coriander leaves, cleaved

1 fistful mint leaves, cleaved

5 medium green chillies

Amassing (Dum)

4 tablespoon oil, partitioned

a squeeze Saffron, drenched (or kewra substance)

A squeeze yellow or orange shading

½ cup water for dum


Marinate chicken with flavors and 4 tablespoon yogurt and let it sit for 20 minutes.


In an enormous pot for biryani take water, straight leaf, cumin, dark pepper and salt. Carry water to bubble at that point include splashed rice. Blend well so flavors discharge flavors. Cook rice until 70% cooked at that point channel all water and keep rice in sifter until required. (Blend little oil in rice to abstain from staying.)



In a wok, fry potatoes with a spot of salt until brilliant earthy colored, move potatoes to paper towel and put in a safe spot.

In same oil, fry cut onions until fresh brilliant. Channel oil on a paper towel and spread on a solitary layer to fresh. Pulverize onion with hand or in a food processor and blend in marinated chicken.

In same wok, leave just ½ cup oil and (expel additional oil ) cook marinated chicken for 7 minutes until shading changes at that point include tomato puree and cook further for 10-15 until all tomato water dries and oil isolates. Your chicken ought to be delicate at this point or cook further varying. Singe chicken ( bhunofy) well for rich taste.

Presently add whipped yogurt,and heat sauce to the point of boiling. Presently, blend in talk masala (if utilizing) potato, prunes, mint, coriander and green chilles, blend well. Chicken sauce is prepared.


In the huge thick base rice pot smear 2 tablespoon oil in base.

Make first layer of ⅓ rice in the base at that point include a layer of half of chicken sauce.

Presently make second layer of ⅓ rice and another layer of chicken sauce partitioning chicken and potato uniformly in each layer.

At last, include third layer of ⅓ rice. Include another 2 tablespoon of oil on head of rice.

Blend orange shading, saffron and water together. Spread uniformly over the rice. ( You may likewise include kewra water alongside saffron)

Spread pot with foil to seal the steam. Spread with cover as well. Save the pot for dum for 15-20 minutes until rice are completely cooked and steam ascends to the top when top is expelled.

Blend rice in with a huge level spoon or a little plate.

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