Pakistan Tour with Mutton Leg Spicy Masala Food Of The Year 2020

I hope you’re having an amazing day.  It’s  David , I’m in Karachi, Pakistan.  And the last time I was in Pakistan, we visited Karachi.  We made a few article but we didn’t have a lot of time here so there was a lot of food that we missed and I’m excited to be back.  Today we’re gonna go on a Karachi Pakistani food tour of Karachi.  We’re gonna eat some of the foods that I really wanted to eat and we didn’t have a chance to eat them.  So today is gonna be a lot of fun.  I’m going to share all the food with you in this video.  Let’s go.  I decided to change into something a little more comfortable.  We have made it to location number one.  The last time I was in Karachi, we ate that biriyani right there.  When we were here he was actually under the tree but now he’s over, I can see he’s over between the buildings that side right now.  The service, the friendliness, the delicious biriyani.

Pakistani lamb leg roasted

Mutton Leg Spicy Masala:

I still remember the dried lemon in his biriyani.  But then there’s another restaurant which is actually literally right, he sells his biriyani right in front of of this restaurant, which is called Kaiser Restaurant.  Which is very famous for mutton.  Grilled, whole mutton legs.  And that was something we wanted to eat last time but we just didn’t have time, so we are back. This is a completely impromptu, and I couldn’t be more excited in my entire life for this.  That was a great call.  Look at the oiliness sand the richness of that rice.  Every grain is individual but it’s just coated in the masala, the spices.

It’s the most comforting biriyani. Basically the rice, using this biriyani is of high quality.  Very nice and tastefully, exactly.  This man is an absolute legend.  A legend of biriyani. What a legend of biriyani in Karachi Whoa, I just walked into a string. It’s okay.  What a legend, what an amazing guy.  Again, just like last time he refused to take, We insisted we paid, and he refused to accept payment.  When you are in Karachi, this is at the corner, I’ll have it on the map, but it’s like literally right outside of Kaiser Restaurant.  He is absolutely an amazing, amazing man.  His hospitality, his generosity, it just represents.

The main thing to eat here is their whole mutton legs.  In this case, the mutton is goat rather than sheep.  But the mutton legs, they’re fully marinated.  You can just see, they’re caked in spice and a rub and then he’s getting ready, we’re going to order I think we might go for three.  Three legs.  And they have a big indoor dining room But the light is not so good so we asked them if they would put a table outside Which they were very kind, they set us a table outside on the sidewalk.  We’re going to be dining street side.  And he’s getting ready to put those goat legs on the grill. Wow, that’s a seriously hot fire.

I’ve been putting my fingers over it.  Oh man, that is a burning hot fire.  Wow, that looks incredible.  So we got three legs, youput them on the grill.  They are sizzling away.  Immediately you can see the masala start to liquefy in that goat fat, in that leg, into that meat.  It’s gonna absorb into that meat.  Oh, and he’s poking it! I asked him and he said that the legs are pre steamed.  They steam them first, Then they marinate it in the masala.  Then it goes on the grill.  That way, it doesn’t take hours to grill.  And also it’s extra tender. Oh that one’s for extra spicy.  One leg extra spicy.  So that just went off the grill.  That’s going back to the kitchen to get some extra masala treatment.

This masala is freshly made. That’s extra spicy. Yeah, extra spicy.  On your request. Be real, we warned you,  David .  We warned you. So ridiculously tender.  It’s literally just falling off the bone.  And his pro grilling move as he slices it, stabs it with the knife to get the juice, Oh! That’s how tender it is, a bone just fell out.  And they didn’t take that long to cook because they’re already precooked.  So it was only may be 15minutes or so on the grill.  So that’s convenient.  And we are now sitting down with the owner of Kaiser Restaurant.  We got two of the regular masala and this one is the extra spicy.  On your demand.  On our demand. So we have to take our own responsibility for the effects of the spiciness. Look at this bone, it’s like a gearbox.  They call it a gearbox, a shifter.  You can shift. This side over here? This one. Ah, that joined area? Okay.  Just pull it off.  Oh wow.  Look at that.  My fingers can feel how tender it is.! It is spicy, or you want more spicy? I’m just trying to process the tenderness. It’s like, perfect.  It’s perfect David.

Mutton Leg For Roast

It takes more than four hours to cook. And it’s so smoky.  Like it’s smoky embedded into it.  It’s so tender.  That masala, yeah, like the spiciness is wonderful.  It’s so flavorful, and what I love about it is that the spice is all the way into the meat David Yeah, exactly. It’s not just on the outside, it’s all the way into the meat.  That’s like one of the,  David Because it takes four hours to steam. Look at that, it just strings apart.  Thank you. Thank you. There’s sesame seeds on it and it’s very slightly thick but feels like dense David This naan has milk, yogurt and oil in it.  Wow.  Milk, yogurt and oil in the naan.  Wow.  Alright, and then just grab the meat.  The meat is outstanding, and then with that naan.  That blanket of naan.  You taste a hint of sourness from the yogurt in there.

It’s dense and hearty, it’s perfect for the meat.  Cause the meat just like, It just caresses and blankets the meat.  Is this a yogurt based chutney?  David Excuse me? A yogurt based chutney?  David It’s a mint chutney. Mint chutney, okay.  Grab a piece of this.  I’ll try it with the chutney next.  It’s like beyond delicious.  It’s like, just ultra tender supreme.  With that yogurt minty chutney that goes well with it as well.  I so needed that mutton leg kick  David to get going the whole day. We’ve been waiting since this morning.  This really was delicious, man. Have you had it before this? No, no, it’s the first time and I think it’s the first of many times. Yes.  It’s really good.  Awesome. I’ll take a little meat break.  No idea how spicy it is.  It’s just not so spicy, it’s like crunchy.  And very very like, yeah, very great.  I love the green chilies.  It’s finger licking good.

Time to roll up the sleeves.  We’re going in.  The joint of the foot.  If you want to have the bone marrow then you have to break from here, from the teeth.  Break? Yeah, tip it off.  Then you suck it from there.  The bone marrow will come out.  Awesome.  Like a straw.  Okay, start with the bone marrow or start with the, Either way.  Either way, okay.  I’ve had bone marrow many times before, but I don’t think I’ve ever broken the bone with my teeth to get the bone marrow.  So just break it here?  David Is it hard? If it’s hard, don’t do it.  Okay, it’s a bit hard.  Maybe we should break it.  Into your mouth.  Directly into your mouth.  It was a little too hard to chew so we had it broken.  You can see that little nugget of the marrow.  Oh, I just got a poof of goatiness.  Yeah, you taste a little oil.  Yeah, you can taste goat in that.  Goatiness.  Wow, that just like melts in your mouth, yeah.  That is awesome.

David I heard that.  . Don’t eat it.  Don’t eat it.  It’s melting, it’s melting.  Dessert is complete.  Just got to try a bite of that knuckle, too.  Wow.  Yeah, that is awesome.  It’s like jelly and slightly elasticy.  But that’s pure goaty flavor.  That’s wonderful.  Oh that masala.  They’re also very well known here for their hand made, house made kulfi, which is like a frozen milk ice cream.  Wow, that’s sweet but really good.  I like the texture of it, It’s a little bit sticky, a little bit gummy, but then you also taste the flakes of the ice.  Really condensed, milky taste to it.  And I think there’s some pistachios in there as well.  Great way to end a goat leg meal.

Latest Pakistani Lamb Leg Roast

We were talking with the owner, he was telling us about the history of his restaurant.  It’s been there since 1953.  So it’s a heritage, it’s a legendary restaurant.  Some of the most important people from Pakistan have eaten there and he was telling us about one of the prime ministers of Pakistan who over 40 years ago, they used to set up that table outside in that exact same place that we sat and ate, and he used to sit at that table and eat.  That was fun, a lot of fun, and that mutton, that goat leg, that is a must eat in Karachi.  We have a little bit of time this afternoon because most of the restaurants and food that we wanted to eat opens up later in the evening.

Karachi is a late city in terms of food opens up late and people stay out late.  We just decided to stop by the beach.  I didn’t have a chance last time I was in Karachi to visit the beach, so we’re just gonna take a little stroll, just enjoy the beach.  Definitely not swim but just to take a look and enjoy the breeze.  And the weather is perfect, actually.  The beach is huge though, like a massive sand bank. Just taking a couple of photos with uncle.  That is an award winner.  Yeah.  Absolute award winner. And actually he showed us a photo on his phone where he was even longer and he just trimmed it for the beach.  It’s very nice. His name is Sher Khan.  And Sher Kan means the Lion King.  Literally the Lion King in English. That is awesome. This is ice cream soda, raspberry, pineapple broken slices, crystal jelly, condensed milk.

It’s refreshing.  But like, yeah, extraordinarily sweet.  What do you think? I don’t think I can think right now.  But I can definitely eat more.  Okay, yeah it is sweet.  It has kind of that artificially syrup flavor but it does remind you of childhood.  Okay, thank you.  Thank you very much.  That was definitely way too sweet for me I took two bites and I can still feel the sweetness on my lips.  That being said, it’s well worth coming here just to like, especially if you love sweet, but to just watch him make that creation of art, I don’t even know how he remembers the steps in his head, there’s that many steps and ingredients.  But that was fun, we’re moving on to eat another snack which is, it’s one of my favorite, chaat.

Lamb Leg Roast Dish

The final restaurant that we’re at tonight is called Anwar Baloch and this is a Karahi restaurant.  Karahi is one of my favorite Pakistani foods where they cook it in a rounded metal pan.  The meat, the spices, the flames go up, the ginger.  It’s just a beautiful, beautiful dish that you can’t miss when you’re in Pakistan.  But we’re here to specifically, I think we’re gonna have a prawns karahi.  And I think that’s mainly what we’re gonna eat but I know they specialize in lamb, they have chicken and there’s just like,it’s like a whole square of karahis going all at once.  This is just, this is a production.  Thank you, very nice to meet you. I’m in the square of karahis.

Thank you for having us.  And he’s getting ready tomake our prawns karahi.  He first sizzles some onions in some oil and then tossed in a handful of tomatoes, then the whole can of fresh prawns go in.  That’s gonna simmer away.  Oh wow, the clanking of of the karahis, the smoke, the fumes, there’s literally 360 around me there’s just meat going up in flame.  Just been observing is that they begin on this side to the left hand side and theygo down the line of burners he keeps moving them, rotating them down the line all the way to the end, where they are finished.  And that’s the finishing station.  They can’t make a mistake and so they add different spices at different burner along the way down until the final finish. The karahis are ready in like five minutes.  And we’re moving to the dining section.  Not now, after the food.  [Waiter] Here is the karahi. There it is. Prawns karahi have arrived.  Yeah, you can see that layer of the desi ghee on top you can see the prawns, they added some cream in there, they add chilies, they add the tomatoes, they add, like, spoonfuls of spices.  Then that just flames, engulfs in flame.  The process of making it, is stunning.  Karahis are one of my favorite Pakistani foods and I really love the prawn karahis, so that’s what we’re having tonight.

Okay, I’m going to dip into the, you can see that layer.  . Yeah, it’s beautiful curry.  Oh my goodness. Is that desi ghee though? . Yeah. There’s so much desi ghee.  It’s almost nutty, there’s so many spices there.  Along with the food, I just love the atmosphere.  Everybody sitting together outside.  That’s like, the amount of spices in there.  Yeah.  Lots of spices, I’ve never had it before.  This is spicy, you know.  Amazing.  You can taste how much spices are in there.  It’s just thick with the dry spice, that’s like the thickest dry spice karahi we have had.  The cumin, the tumeric, the spices are just caked around those prawns and wrapped up in that desi ghee. That pool of desi ghee. And the ginger in there.  That is incredible.  It is so incredibly tasty and it’s one of the spicier, spicier chili, as well as spicious karahis that

I’ve had in Pakistan.  It is time.  There’s no better position in the world after you finish a meal than this position on an elevated bench table.  Oh man, the happiness, the satisfaction.  I think you’re improving.  Your position is getting better and better with every trip to Pakistan. And when we have to call off the day, we just don’t say it, we just get into this position. What an incredible meal to end this Pakistani food tour, another Pakistani food tour in Karachi.  Today has been extra ordinary, starting with the goat leg, everything in between, Pakistan, again, I cannot even come close to emphasizing enough how the friendliness, the hospitality, the generosity, and the delicious food that Pakistan has to offer.

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