In the event that you are a Karahi fan, at that point this divine Spicy and delectable Masala Mutton Karahi is a stunning Desi cooking dish that is hugely mainstream in Pakistan. In the event that you are a Karahi fan, at that point this mouth watering Special Masala Mutton Karahi formula will without a doubt catch your eye.

Attempt this Special Masala Mutton Karahi that is set up with little size Mutton pieces, ginger garlic, green chilies, extraordinary masala, all flavors, pepper, Degi Mirch, cardamom, coriander, cumin to give it an ideal zesty and conventional taste. Cooking time is sensible; you can introduce this dish for lunch or supper. This fiery and delightful Special Masala Mutton Karahi is enticing for flavor darlings or the individuals who lean toward hot Pakistani curry dish. This Eid ul Adha you can evaluate this astounding Masala Mutton Karahi for your family and visitors. You can attempt the Special Masala Mutton Karahi formula for the dawat and serve it with Naan or Roti and Salad

Mutton for Karahi Special

Mutton Karahi is a coal cooked dish best for eating on Eid parties. It has an alternate and one of a kind flavor just as a one of a kind name. It is pungent and an exceptionally pleasant supper for supper an as referenced, Eid feasts. The charcoal fragrance takes the flavor of this karahi to another level. This formula is celebrated for its smell and taste. This dish had gotten well known in the past couple of years. Sheep karahi is presently served on huge events additionally like exceptional events and on Eid-ul-Adha.

Sheep can successfully treat frailty because of their high iron substance.

Goat meatis high in protein, making it ideal for those on a careful nutritional plan!

Goat meat even contains elevated levels of calcium, making it bravo bones of yours!

Red meats are unfortunate, But that is just in the event that you take them in huge amounts.


Lamb 1 kg

Tomato 1/2 kg

Green chilies 5-6

Huge green chilies 5-6

Ginger garlic glue 2 tbsp

Dark pepper 1 tbsp

Squashed cumin 1 tsp

Oil as required

Salt to taste

Eid Special Mutton Karahi


Stage 1

Weight cook the lamb with salt and water for 7 – 10 whistles. When it is cooked, take lamb and take 1/2 cup of sheep juice from the abundance water from the weight cook and keep it aside.

Stage 2

Warmth oil in a skillet, include ginger and garlic and sauté it for a moment. Include the cooked lamb and sauté it for another couple of minutes.

Stage 3

Include onion, mix it well and let it cook till the onion gets clear. Include mixed tomato puree and let it cook till the oil buoys to the top. Include coriander powder, red stew powder, cumin powder, turmeric powder, and salt.

Stage 4

Include kastoori methi, yogurt, 1/2 cup of lamb juice and 1/2 cup water. Let it cook on medium fire till the oil buoys to the top.

Stage 5

Include cilantro (I neglected to include the cilantro here) and green bean stew, and blend it well and let it cook for a moment. Move it to the serving bowl, decorate it with ginger (julienne cut) and sprinkle lemon juice.

Pakistani Mutton Karahi Recipe

Lamb Karahi/Karahi Gosht is prepared to present with Paratha, Chapati, Poori.

Other Method may likewise be applied for cooking.

Put ghee or oil in karahi.

At that point put lamb, broil it and take out its oil.

Presently put tomato, green chilies and ginger garlic glue, blend it pleasantly and cook it.

Presently include water as required and cook until sheep delicate.

Presently include enormous green chilies, salt, squashed cumin and dark pepper, blend it pleasantly and cook it.

In end, take out karahi in serving dish.

At that point embellish with green coriander and green chilies and serve.

Bubble lamb until done. Presently take a wok and put oil, heat it up and include lamb, fry on high warmth till sheep changes into earthy colored shading. At that point include hacked green chillies and ginger garlic glue and fry well for 2 to 3 minutes. Presently include delicately mixed yogurt, salt and uncommon masala, and fry on high warmth for around 2 to 3 minutes. At that point include entire green chillies and fenugreek leaves and cook till oil isolates. Topping with ginger pieces and present with naans.

Pakistani Mutton Karahi:

Pakistani individuals eat goat karahi enthusiastically. Eateries and food lanes are packed on the ends of the week with karahi darlings. Regardless of whether you talk about super roadway food road, consumes street or pontoon bowl food road in Karachi, all are full and jam stuffed on Saturday and Sunday. A great many people love to eat Mutton karahi.

Easy Mutton Karahi Eid Dish

Sheep Karahi/Karahi Gosht dish is a well known and customary Pakistani dish which is generally cooked in a wok-like container called karahi (subsequently the name Mutton Karahi/Karahi gosht.) It is a zesty and scrumptious dish which is flickered with oil and finished off with ginger.

Today, I think of another formula. It is one of most mainstream Pakistani dish that you will go over pretty much every Pakistani eatery menu anyplace on the planet.

Lahore is celebrated for its socially improved food things.. difficult to be on diet there. Individuals here in Lahore are known as food darling, which is the reason numerous new cafés are continually opening.

As every one of you know, I generally enticed to attempt mainstream dishes at home, and culminating it as conceivable as Possible.

This is an awesome dish which will fill your heart with joy and interestingly, red bean stew powder isn’t included it. It is made in split dark pepper, tomatoes and ordinary salt. Do attempt this and make the most of your Eid with loved ones

Custom made lamb karahi is a lot more delicious than that of the eateries. A touch of spread in this dish improves its taste a ton and a little fragrance. It’s amazingly yummy and flavorful and best for your adoration ones in the event that they like meat plans. This sheep karahi formula ought to be attempted at home to make it progressively nutritious. sheep karahi can be presented with dishes, at dawats or at easygoing party additionally with nans or kulcha.

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