Mango milk formula is a dazzling memory of my lady years when all late spring evenings would end with a glass of chilled mango milkshake. Mother despite everything appreciates this treat while I and hubby are reluctant to make this a custom as we dread weight gains. In any case, sporadically we do enjoy this treat, and my child unquestionably gets it consistently while mangoes are in season.

Mangoes are love, mango ranch are delightful sight in the event that you go to Punjab across Multan. The thruway has a mango ranch on the two roadsides to the extent you could see. Also, I love my nation’s excellence and wealth of taste.


They are walloping 1500 assortments of mangoes in Pakistan alone. What’s more, they come in all shading, sizes, taste, surface, and fragrance. Truly, you can smell the mango and tell the name. Get more information about Pakistani Mangoes here.

We at home are Anwar Ratool and Punjabi Chausa darlings. Be that as it may, Devnagri Alphonso, Safeeda, Sindhri or Dasheri assortments of mango works fine for a milkshake. Simply ensure any assortment you pick is completely matured, have profound yellow tissue, are not sinewy (non-shaggy surface), and have a sweet taste. Sharp ones can ruin the taste all together.

Mango Milkshake Special


Mango: Use better and non-stringy assortments of mango with profound yellow shading.

Milk: Use full-fat milk. For veggie lover mango shake, use coconut milk or nut milk.

Sugar: Use castor sugar, light earthy colored sugar, nectar, maple syrup, or agave nectar. All these sugar can be added to taste.


On the off chance that you love mangoes and can’t have enough of these, at that point the following not many tips will be a lifeline. Since, in the event that you have these prepared mangoes. Making mango milkshake is simple peasy.

Store in the ice chest: This one, I’ve picked from a juice shop that sells astounding mango shakes. They make a sugar syrup and include mango cuts in sugar syrup and cook for a couple of moments. You can store this mango sugar blend in the ice chest for 4-5 days and make shakes varying utilizing this mash.

Store in the cooler: Another well known technique is to store mangoes is in a cooler sack or hermetically sealed box. Combine mango and sugar and store in the cooler for as long as 2 months. For me, 1 tablespoon sugar for each cup works fine. Since sugar is an additive itself it likewise assists with putting away natural product for a more extended period.

Jam like stockpiling: The last one is to cook mango and sugar together like jam. This normally makes mango better and furthermore helps minimized capacity of organic product.


Truly, you can substitute dairy milk with non-dairy milk like coconut milk, almond milk, cashew milk, or oats milk. You likewise include some additional ice and an enormous banana to skip milk inside and out.

Mango Special Juice


Indeed, frozen yogurt taste extraordinary in mango shake. Just decrease milk to a half cup in the formula. Fill the glass with this thick mango shake and top with two scoops of mango frozen yogurt and scarcely any nuts. This is called Mango Mastani. Present with a spoon and a thick straw.

Then again you can lessen milk to 1 cup and mix a scoop frozen yogurt of your decision with a mango shake. The best frozen yogurt alternatives are mango, vanilla, kulfa, saffron, and coconut frozen yogurt.


Container Blender or inundation blender.


2 cup mango pieces, better assortments

1½ cup milk, cold (more for a more slender shake)

4 ice 3D shapes

2-4 tablespoon sugar, to taste


Put all fixings in the blender.

Heartbeat for 1 moment until ice is squashed and sugar disintegrates.

Do a trial and modify sugar if necessary.

Fill glasses and serve chilled.

Mango milkshake remains great in the ice chest for as long as 24 hours or more.

This mango shake formula makes for a scrumptious and velvety shake. I make mango shake ordinarily during summers for the family. It extinguishes the thirst, keeps one full and is nutritious as well. Mango milkshake additionally helps in weight gain.

Mango and Milk

Instructions to Make Mango Shake In Different Ways:

Cream – when you add some whipping cream to any shake you get a thick and velvety consistency. In this formula, you can Add about ¼ cup overwhelming cream. whipped cream can likewise be topped over the milkshake while serving

Entire milk – entire milk or full-fat milk gives a rich tasting shake. All things considered, even-conditioned milk or skimmed milk can be included.

Nut milk – now and again I likewise make mango shake with almond or coconut milk. I have prior mutual a Vegan mango milkshake formula. you can without much of a stretch make a veggie lover mango shake by utilizing cashew milk, almond milk, soy milk or coconut milk.

Frozen yogurt – while mixing, including a vanilla frozen yogurt or mango frozen yogurt will make mango shake thick, velvety and rich. Add 1 to 2 scoops of frozen yogurt. Just utilize vanilla or mango frozen yogurt as both these frozen yogurts work out in a good way in the mango milkshake.

Ice 3D squares – to thin the milkshake significantly, add 6 to 7 ice shapes. You can even include less number of ice shapes. I generally add 2 to 3 ice solid shapes while mixing so the milkshake is chilled when I serve it.

Mangoes – any ready and sweet assortment of mangoes can be utilized to make the shake. I generally lean toward alphonso mangoes to make the milkshake. You may not get alphonso mango where you live – so simply utilize any sweet assortment of mango which has a sweet and smooth mash. Abstain from utilizing mangoes which are sinewy. Additionally, don’t utilize sharp or semi-sweet mangoes as it can cause stomach hurts. Sharp mangoes may likewise coagulate the milk.

Milk – as I have referenced above, you can utilize entire milk or conditioned milk to make the milkshake. For a veggie lover choice, use cashew milk, soy milk, coconut milk or almond milk.

Sugars – If you use mangoes which are exceptionally sweet, at that point you need not include any sugar or sugar in the milkshake. On the off chance that you do need to include any sugar, at that point rather than sugar you can likewise utilize jaggery or nectar.

Extent – you can without much of a stretch change the extent of mangoes and milk when making the shake. Add more mangoes to get a fruity, thick and thick shake with all out kinds of mangoes. Add more milk to get a smooth flavor.

Mango Creamy Special Juice


there is positively no compelling reason to include any seasoning fixing in this mango shake formula – Mango flavor manages here and mango is the star in this shake formula. in spite of the fact that for a change, you can include a touch of ground cardamom powder or cinnamon powder. You can even include a touch of saffron strands or a scramble of ground nutmeg or vanilla.

Canned mango mash – in the event that new mangoes are not accessible, at that point the following most ideal alternative is to utilize canned mango mash. I freeze mango mash and use them later to make any formula including this milkshake. Along these lines we can have mango plans in any event, when they are not in the season. In this mango shake formula, You can add 1 to 1.25 cups of mango mash.

Mango shake is just made by mixing cleaved ready and sweet mangoes with milk. In this fundamental formula of a mango shake, some extra fixings can be incorporated.

The expansion of these fixings makes the mango shake dainty or thick or smooth. I have referenced underneath these fixings that will help you in getting the consistency you need – be it thick, rich, slim or velvety.

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