The green chutney is otherwise called mint chutney if cilantro is supplanted with mint. So also, you call it cilantro chutney if all the mint is supplanted with cilantro. We should discover how to make chutney.

Green chutney, otherwise called coriander or hari chutney, is an invigorating Indian fixing that goes with almost everything from samosas to fish to chaat. At its center, green chutney is a puree of coriander, chilies and lemon juice with various local variations requiring the expansion of different flavors and flavorings.

For this green chutney, I’ve included coconut, which gives it a southern energy, where coconut palms speck the scene. By toasting the flavors, you discharge the basic oils which is the thing that gives the flavors their smell, making them progressively sharp and breathing new life into a zest that may have been sitting in your wash room for quite a while.

Latest Green Chutney

There are truly many varieties of this chutney and each Indian/Pakistani home has there own preferred adaptation of this formula. In this post, I’m attempting my best to clarify how you can roll out little improvements to suit your taste buds and transform a similar chutney into dosa, idli, sandwich, and curry chutney.


Green Chutney is made with various variety however fundamental fixings are a similar that is Mint or/and coriander, cumin, garlic, green bean stew, salt, little sugar, and lemon, or tamarind mash. You just mix all fixings into a smooth puree or glue and you are good to go.


Since it is a go-to sauce with most Indian/Pakistani bites, there are numerous renditions of this chutney with little variety in various locales of South Asia.

For thick chutney: you may include 1-2 tablespoons of a cooked gram or simmered nuts of your decision. Cashew and peanuts are regular decisions for nuts.

Green Chutney Pakistani

For zesty chutney: Add increasingly green chilies, red bean stew drops, talk masala, gram masala, or ginger for a hot kick in the chutney.

For tarty chutney: Or include lemon juice, tamarind mash, or crude ginger for a harsh chutney for chaat and plunges.

Skip Cilantro: If you are bound to abhor cilantro at that point substitute cilantro with progressively mint.

Skip yogurt: You can skip yogurt and include some mayonnaise for a thick sauce that is ideal for sandwiches. You can likewise include a tomato rather than yogurt yet utilize the chutney with two days.

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f you save green chutney for some hour in the ice chest, it’s brilliant green shading gets dull and dim. In any case, by including lemon juice you can hinder the staining of green color in mint and coriander. The corrosive in lemon holds the brilliant green shading keeping the chutney’s outwardly engaging for long.


You can include any at least one of the beneath fixings to thicken chutney. Simply include it alongside the spice and crush until smooth.

Broiled Peanuts

Simmered gram (bhunna channa, or a bunch sev or a bunch ghatiya)


You can likewise add greek yogurt or mayonnaise to make a thick chutney. Try not to include these two in crushing, Just blend it in the bowl in with a spoon as griding can disperse the yogurt and hand crafted mayonnaise.


On the off chance that you have taste for spices, at that point, you love this Pakistani chutney on anything. Here are a couple of recommendations.

You can utilize it as a spread in the chutney sandwich.

Green Chutney made an astounding plunge for idli, samosa, or dosa.

Sprinkle green chutney over pani puri or chaat.

New Green Chutney Special


So the simple peasy cilantro and mint chutney starts with mixing of all the modest fixings. You can utilize either chopper or container blender for this. I include a little yogurt at the base of the blender so help to mix. You may include water.

Element for mint and cilantro chutney in a bowl.

Never include the yogurt with mixing as that will disperse the yogurt and chutney will free a perfectly thick consistency.

Mixed chutney and yogurt.

Mix into an extremely smooth glue, this may take a couple of moments and scrap the container at stretches. At that point blend in yogurt (low-fat or full-fat yogurt both work fine.) Use greek yogurt for a thick and high protein chutney.

Mint chutney is prepared.

Do a trial and change any fixing if necessary. Store in the cooler and expend inside a week or freeze. Look at tips and variety area above or notes segment in formula card for thoughts.


1 cup coriander/cilantro leaves, pressed or 1 cup increasingly mint

1 cup mint leaves, pressed

2 tablespoon parched coconut, discretionary

2 fat cloves of garlic

½ tablespoon green bean stew glue, or entire bean stew to taste

3 tablespoon yogurt, or water for mixing

2 tablespoon lemon juice, (helps holding green shading)

2 tablespoons tamarind mash, discretionary

1 tablespoon sugar, or less

1 teaspoon broiled cumin seeds, or cumin powder

1 teaspoon salt , ot to taste

1½ cup yogurt, whipped, discretionary

Green Chutney Yougart


Include all fixings with the exception of yogurt in a blender and mix it into a smooth glue, add little water whenever required to mix. The mixing may take a couple of moments, scratch the sides at the span.

In a bowl blend yogurt and mixed glue until homogenized into a smooth consistency.

Do a trial and modify if/varying. Chutney is prepared.


Skirt the yogurt if making chutney for a sandwich, yogurt can make it soaked.

Include 1-2 tablespoon simmered peanuts or include 1 tablespoon cooked gram (bhunna channa) for thick chutney for sandwich.

For Samosa Chutney: The expansion of tamarind mash or a couple of tablespoons of imli chutney makes chutney yummy, avoid the yogurt.

Zesty Chutney: Add progressively green chilies or visit masala for a fiery chutney for chaat, samosa, bats vada, or bhel puri plunge.

For Sauce: Add mayonnaise rather than yogurt and make a scrumptious sauce for sandwiches or to shower over chicken.

Sans dairy: Add a tomato rather than yogurt to make a sans dairy chutney.

Progressively: Other regular varieties: ginger, dark salt, visit masala, jaggery, sugar syrup, and crude mango.


Utilize a perfect spoon for serving.

Store in the cooler and chutney remains useful for possibly more than seven days.

Freeze the overabundance chutney.

Dispose of if form shows up, chutney smells terrible or turns truly sharp.

The green chutney is anything but difficult to make and can keep in the ice chest for about seven days. It matches well with a wide assortment of dishes yet I particularly prefer to serve it close by drier dishes, for example, kebabs, pulao or biryani. I would urge you to utilize this formula as a format – mess with the extents and spices, and see what you like. You can likewise make it as smooth or as thick as you need it. At home, my mom would puree it to make it an exceptionally smooth, dainty consistency where as I like mine on the chunkier side, similar to a salsa.

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