Mutton Pulao is a famous rice primary course dish generally devoured in Pakistani, Turkish, North Indian, and South Indian food. The essential fixings utilized in this formula are lamb meat, rice, salt, yogurt and uncommon garam masala. It isn’t fiery as sheep biryani. This formula can be set up by making Yakhni independently and cooking rice in that rice for the ideal taste.

Mutton Pulao is absolutely one of the most inconceivable rice dishes which are made on each exceptional family event. On Eid ul Adha Mutton Pulao formula can be set up at home. Essentially, this Mutton Pulao formula can be made for family suppers.. Make Mutton Pulao Recipes from our select range and make your event unique. Don’t hesitate to post or offer your preferred simple Mutton Pulao Recipes. You can cook this delightful and taste Mutton Pulao Recipes in Urdu and serve it to satisfy your family and visitors.

Mutton Yakhni Pulao Recipe

Formula of Mutton Yakhni Pulao with photographs of each progression. I’m so please to share this formula. I attempted this formula twice and it turned out great. In the event that you like it please share your conclusion in remarks, that is an incredible motivation.As a family custom, we make yakhni pulao on Eid ul Adha.


‘Yakhni’ mean bone stock while ‘Pulao’ is a sweet-smelling rice dish. Smell in pulao is credited to entire flavors, kept in a zest sack or sachet d’√©pices. To make pulao you have to cook pre-absorbed rice a soupy curry. You can find out about source of Yakhni Pulao here.

I have made this Yakhni pulao in ‘Bohra style’. I’m extremely attached to embellishing so I’ve included singed onions, garlic, green chillies and mint. However, Yakhni pulao tastes yummy all alone as well.

For the most part, Yakhni pulao isn’t fiery yet this one is decently spiced. You may utilize less green bean stew glue on the off chance that you like it less hot. What makes pulao yummy is striking fragrance and stock enhanced rice.

Gosht Yakhni Pulao is a tasty rice arrangement where long grain basmati rice is cooked in a stock made with Mutton and flavors. Here is a customary formula to make it. In the Mathur family, this Pulao is viewed as to a greater degree a customary dish which must be set up on extraordinary events and fabulous suppers. Be that as it may, every group of the Mathur faction makes slight varieties with regards to this pulao.

For setting up this excited pulao, long grain Basmati Rice or pulao rice is cooked alongside tasty lamb stock and is injected with flavors.

Mutton Pulao Latest


In the event that you like cream shaded pulao, at that point skirt the tomato that gives it a darker shading. I’ve attempted this pulao without tomato as well. I feel one without tomato is likewise flawless to take a gander at and extraordinary in taste.

Thing with making pulao is that the rice grain ought to be all around isolated. Presently, that is a thing you learn with a little practice.



While making Yakhni, remember we need half-cooked meat. Since, we will cook it in flavors and afterward when we make pulao it will be cooked again for 10 minutes. Thus, on the off chance that you overcook your meat it will fall off bone and free the entirety of its surface. So meat ought to be nearly cooked however not delicate.


This is the most significant fixing. Since, all water will consumed by rice, we have to keep the Yakhni pungent like somewhat pungent soup. You can taste Yakhni directly before adding splashed rice to check salt.

Mutton Pulao Desi Recipe


Best tips I could share is use Sella basmati rice if conceivable. The sella basmati rice not at all like ordinary basmati has longer cooking time which makes sella rice less helpless against get clingy and over cooked. In any case, basmati additionally functions admirably.


Second tip, is keep the water level 1 inch over the rice layer when you add rice in yakhni to make pulao. At the point when rice have puffed and water isn’t obvious above rice, lower warmth and spread the top.


Presently, in case you’re as yet not certain how much water is required in sauce to cook rice. Include less water since you can generally include more water if rice are still half-cooked and all water dries.


On the off chance that you’ve unintentionally included additional water in Yakhni, you can expel extra Yakhni with a spoon yet that is not the most ideal path as you evacuate some of scrumptious flavor as well.

Yakhni pulao is a great North Indian delicacy which is filled in as ‘one pot feast’. It is the most well known combo of rice and meat after ‘Biryani’. Biryani is zesty and rich combo of rice and meat while Yakhni Pilaf is unequivocally enhanced however gentle in taste.

Pakistani Mutton Yakhni Pulao

While ‘Yakhni’ signifies the fragrant meat seasoned stock and ‘pulao’ or ‘pilaf’ signifies enhanced rice. In this formula the meat and rice are cooked together in yakhni stock. It is best presented with raita.

This Pulao makes certain to assuage your sense of taste with fine flavors and surface. It has additionally been a tremendous hit at whatever point I host served it in gatherings as it taste extraordinary. Additionally, I serve this with any of my new, custom made raita.

Do set up this energetic Mutton Yakhni Pulao at any rate once per month and anticipate having an astounding dinner. In this way, before you intend to make it.

Mutton yakhni pulao is magnificent pulao formula in which rice cooked in lamb stock. On Eid-ul-Adha Pakistani individuals love to make it with new meat and it tastes great when cooked with new meat. You can likewise make it with sheep/goat meat. I am giving here my mother’s formula of Mutton Yakhni Pulao. This dish is in my cherished recollections when She made it so great and I can’t quit eating this dazzling yakhni pulao with yogurt plunge. Here I am attempting to make it precisely like her

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