At last, sharing the most anticipated formula of the blog Daal Chawal Palidu. It is a customary Bohra feast. Daal Chawal Palidu otherwise called DCP has two renditions. One is veggie lover which is progressively normal and has layered lentil and rice. This one that I’m sharing is a non-veg adaptation with sheep/sheep. What’s more, trust me with sheep it tastes out of the world.

It is a stunning to feel such an awesome dish to eat and cook. It is on an extremely ease manu.


DCP has a fascinating method to cook. We heat up the lentil and spare the lentil water for lentil soup. At that point, we utilize the bubbled lentils to make sauce for rice. At last, you layer the lentil and rice like Biryani and ‘Dum’ or steam it. You additionally smoked the rice alongside the dum step.

Daal Chawal Palidu Special

Presently, the Palidu is lentil soup made with lentil water and it possesses a flavor like gram flour curry however next level. I implied it, it has a harsh hint and ethereal taste. This dish is an amalgamation of Daal Chawal and Koyla Biryani with pakora curry and papadum. Can’t envision what it possesses a flavor like? Indeed, I can assist you with making it however can’t resist tasting it.

No, we are not completed at this point. This dish is typically made on extraordinary events like Biryani in Bohra family like in Mahurat (Beginning) service at a wedding and on the first day of consistently and in quite a while. It presented with fresh Indian wafers (papadums), kachumber plate of mixed greens, and pickles making it a dining experience fit for a lord, Ok, Indian King.

Since, I grew up eating consistently the non-veg form at home that my granny cooked with so much energy; I’m having a similar formula. I realize she is glad for me today in the sky.


Try not to get scared by not insignificant rundown of steps. This is extremely simple and absolutely justified, despite all the trouble. You simply need to do a few stages at the same time to spare time.


You may utilize any protein like sheep, lamb, or meat in this formula. Bubble it with Green Masala on low warmth until delicate. ( When green stew, ginger, garlic, and salt are grounded together it is called green masala which is broadly utilized in Bohra cooking. Be that as it may, to keep it basic, I have referenced a different amount of ginger garlic glue and green stew glue in the formula card.) If you are utilizing chicken in this formula then simply marinate in green masala at this stage and cook it in tomato sauce.


Steps for Boiling lentil: Wash toor dal 2-3 times. Absorb it 4 cups of water for 20 minutes. At that point include salt, cumin, and turmeric to it and bubble for 10-15 minutes until toor daal is completely cooked yet not soft. To test it, press a gran among thumb and pointer. On the off chance that it squashes totally with no hard bits, it is cooked. (Try not to overcook it or it will transform into lentil soup.)

When daal is cooked, strain the daal in a sifter set on an enormous bowl. Spare the heavenly daal water for Palidu and put the daal in a safe spot for curry.


All the while, wash and drench the rice for twenty minutes. At that point fill a huge pot ¾ with water and include salt and entire flavors for rice. Bring to bubble and include rice. Cook rice until 70 % cooked (2 kaani chawal ) Strain the rice and put in a safe spot.

In a vessel, take oil fry 1 onion until brilliant expel from oil and put in a safe spot. (You can avoid this progression if utilizing pre-singed onions, you may do this progression later in the wake of cooking the curry.)


In a similar oil, include 4 cut onions for curry and fry on medium warmth with visit blending until onion cuts obviously isolated and turn light brilliant as demonstrated as follows. It takes as long as 20 minutes so do this progression all the while with rice and lentil step.

At this stage, diminish warmth to most reduced and include the flavors and spices for lentil curry. Take heat back to medium and give it a mix until onions are brilliant as demonstrated as follows.

Presently include the tomatoes, spread the wok and let it stew on medium warmth for 5 – 7 minutes. I utilized both puree and cleaved tomatoes (that I had close by) You can utilize whatever you like.

At the point when tomato water has dried and you see oil on the sides of the container or wok include the meat.

Cooking meat independently spares some time, so regardless of whether your meat is half-cooked, when your sauce is prepared to add it to the sauce and keep cooking until delicate and completely cooked.

Include the lentils, mix well. also, stew the sauce for 5-7 minutes until most water has dried and sauce is thick.

The sauce should thick yet delicious not dry as appeared previously. Lentil curry is prepared to collect.

New Palidu Chawal


Along these lines, in an equivalent rice pot, smear 2 tablespoons of oil at the base. At that point layer 2/3 rice at the base.

Include the lentil curry.

Spread the whipped yogurt, spices, and chilies equally. Likewise spread portion of the singed onion for rice.

Include another layer of remaining ⅓ rice, seared onion and yellow shading broke down in water. Likewise, sprinkle 1 tablespoon oil on the top.

This smoking advance is discretionary yet suggested. Spot super hot charcoal on the steel bowl or foil on the rice. Sprinkle a couple of drops of oil and quickly spread the top.

For Dum (steaming), place the pot of rice on medium warmth for 7 minutes. At that point decrease warmth and cook further for 10 minutes on low warmth until bunches of steam ascend on the top when the top is expelled. Toor Pulao is prepared.


When Toor Pulao is on dum, fry onion in another until daintily brilliant.

At that point include tomato and flavors for palidu. Give it a mix and spread the pot. Cook for 3-4 minutes on medium warmth until tomatoes are delicate.

Mix in the gram flour.

The blend will frame a mixture like consistency. Continue blending and dish the flour for 2 minutes until fragrant. Modify heat varying.

Presently pour in the lentil water (spared to start with), bottle gourd or drumstick vegetables. Cook on medium warmth until vegetable is delicate. Add more water if necessary to alter consistency.

When Palidu is prepared, blend in coriander and serve.



500 gram sheep or hamburger or chicken, with bones

1½ cup water

2 tablespoon green bean stew glue

2 tablespoon ginger garlic glue

Salt , to taste (not required if as of now included glue.)

Latest Daal Chawal


1 cup Split pigeon pea, (toor or arhar daal)

1 teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon cumin seed

½ teaspoon turmeric


2½ cups long grain basmati rice, around 560 grams

3 tablespoon salt, or more

Entire flavors

¾ teaspoon cumin seed

2 inch cinnamon

8 dark pepper

3 cloves

4 green cardamom

2 dark cardamom


½ cup oil

1 medium onion, fry onion for decorate


4 medium onions, cut

Flavors and spices

4 twigs curry leaves

4 thick green chillies

½ tablespoon coriander powder

1 star anise

1 teaspoon cumin

½ teaspoon dark pepper

5 cloves


3 medium tomatoes, pureed


⅓ cup yogurt

4 tablespoon cleaved corriander

3 green chillies , slitted

¼ teaspoon yellow shading , blended in ¼ cup water


3 tablespoon oil

1 medium onion

1 medium tomato


1/2 tablespoon green bean stew glue

½ tablespoon ginger garlic glue

½ teaspoon fenugreek seeds

½ teaspoon cumin

½ teaspoon turmeric powder

½ teaspoon red bean stew powder

4 twigs of curry leaves


6 tablespoon gram flour

2-3 tablespoon tamarind mash , broke down in water

½ bottle gourd or drumstick vegetable, stripped and slice to lumps

4 tablespoon hacked corriander

Daal Chawal Recipe New



Bubble meat with green stew, ginger garlic glue, salt and water on medium-low warmth for 30 minutes or until meat is delicate. Put in a safe spot. (You can likewise pressure cook the meat)


Wash and splash tuvar daal for 20 minutes in 4 cups of water.

Include salt, cumin and turmeric to splashed daal and bubble for 10-15 minutes until delicate and completely cooked yet not soft. (Lentil grain networks totally when press among thumb and finger with no hard or half-cooked piece.)

Strain the lentil in a colander with a pot underneath. Put the lentils in a safe spot and spare the lentil water for Palidu.


Douse rice for 20 minutes, put in a safe spot.

Fill ¾ of an enormous pot with water, include salt and entire flavors. Carry water to bubble and include the doused rice. Bubble rice until 70% cooked it is on 2 kaani Chawal stage). Channel the rice water and put in a safe spot.

All the while, In an enormous vessel heat oil and fry 1 cut onion until brilliant. Expel from oil and put in a safe spot for decorate.


In same vessel, fry staying 4 onions until light brilliant. Include the zest and give it a mix. At that point include the tomatoes and let it cook until tomato water dries and oil isolates on the sides of the skillet.

Add the meat along water to the tomato sauce. Dry out any overabundance water by cooking on high warmth.

Include the bubbled lentil and spread the pot. Let the sauce stew for 5 minutes. In the event that sauce is too dry include a little water. (We need thick sauce however not dry.)


Warmth a bit of charcoal on direct fire until super hot.

Include 2 tablespoon of oil at the base of pot. At that point layer 2/3 of cooked rice. Layer the lentil and lamd curry. Next include the spice, whipped yogurt, chillies and 1/2 of seared onion.

At last, layer the rest of the rice and spread with staying seared onion and yellow shading water.

Keep a steel bowl or foil on the rice. Spot the scorching charcoal cautiously over the rice. Sprinkle not many drops of oil over coal a spread the pot firmly.


Cook daal Chawal for 20 minutes on low warmth. (You’ll see a thick steam ascending from pot when top is evacuated and rice grain will be puffed up as well.)


Warmth oil and fry cut onion until softly brilliant. Include the flavors and give it a mix. Cook for 2 minutes and include the gram flour.

The flour will make the sauce thick and hard to blend. Lessen heat and sauté for 2 minutes, until fragrant.

Include the lentil water and blend well until smooth. Include the jug gourd and 1 cup water or more varying for a necessary consistency. Spread the pot. Let the Palidu bubble until bottle gourd is delicate.

Presently, include tamarind

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