Haleem is a rich sheep stew, well known in the Middle East and Asia. As regular all things considered in Pakistan, especially in Hyderabad, it is astounding to realize that Haleem really has Persian roots. It is eaten in a lot of different pieces of the world however most ordinarily by Muslims, particularly in the heavenly month of Ramadan, for the Iftar while breaking their quick.

Chicken Haleem formula with Photos of each progression. Haleem is customarily made with hamburger and it tastes best that way. I’m posting this chicken Haleem formula for my dear companion Neha who is first and most loyal devotees of the blog.


This is Chicken Haleem formula yet you can substitute sheep or hamburger for chicken.

This is additionally called khichra haleem, in light of the fact that you are utilizing number of lentils and grain alongside wheat.

On the off chance that you need just wheat Haleem here is Mutton Haleem formula however you can without much of a stretch substitute lamb for chicken.

Haleem Special

I utilized chicken with bone in light of the fact that the bones give you flavor full ‘Yakhni ‘ Chicken stock. In any case, you can utilize boneless chicken also.

Chicken Haleem is brisk thing and numerous individuals lean toward instant zest blend. So it’s up to you what you incline toward instant zest blend or hand crafted. I’m sharing a zest blend formula too however you may skip it and utilize instant zest blend, on the off chance that you locate that an issue.

I’m utilizing various heartbeats however you can substitute one heartbeat for other if all heartbeats are not accessible.

Likewise, grain add tenacity to Haleem so I enthusiastically suggest including it yet in the event that you can’t discover it, just include more wheat rather than grain.

One of the most significant hint is wheat ought to be completely cooked before you mix it. Also, mix it well overall or the surface won’t be smooth.

Flavors are significant so include additional red bean stew in the event that you like fiery Haleem.



Grains and Lentils

1½ cup entire wheat or broken wheat, (300 gram)

½ cup rice

½ cup red lentil, (masoor daal)

½ cup yellow lentil, (moong dal)

½ cup Bengal gram, (channa dal)

½ cup grain, (jaav) , discretionary

* You can substitute one lentil for other. You can likewise 1½ cup of any lentil.

2 tablespoon green stew glue

2 tablespoon ginger glue

2 tablespoon garlic glue

6 medium onions, , cut

Oil to broil

1200 grams chicken with bones or 1 kg boneless chicken

1½ tablespoon red stew powder or to taste

1 tablespoon turmeric powder

Entire flavors

2 tablespoon coriander seeds

1 tablespoon cumin seed

1 tablespoon caraway seeds

1 tablespoon dark cumin seeds

1 sound leaf

2 inch cinnamon stick

1 dark cardamom

4 green cardamom

4 cloves

1 tablespoon fennel seeds

15 red catch chillies

Salt to taste

Chicken Haleem Latest


½ cup of oil, use oil used to broil cut onions

1 tablespoon slashed garlic

1 teaspoon cumin seeds

Handfull of mint leaves slashed


50 gram ginger cut

Mint leaves

Visit masala

Medium measured green chillies, cut



Join all lentils and grains and wash by changing water twice or as required. Splash for 2 hours or ideally overnight.

Take absorbed lentils and grains an enormous substantial bottomed pot. Include salt, ginger, garlic and green stew glue and water. The degree of water ought to be 2 inch over the grains. Heat lentils to the point of boiling at that point diminish warmth to slow and cover the top firmly Cook for 1½ hour.

At the point when grain are delicate and include 2-3 cups cold water and to carry grains to room temperature at that point mix with submersion blender, until extremely smooth. Cook further on moderate warmth and continue blending at span to abstain from staying from base.


While grains cook, broil all entire zest in a dish and ground into fine powder. (Skirt this progression if utilizing instant flavor blend.)

Fry cut onion in container until brilliant. Work in two groups. Spread onions on kitchen towel so it gets firm.( Skip this progression if utilizing store brought singed onions.)

In another pot take chicken. Include ⅓ cup of residual oil from seared onions. Take ½ cup firmly stuffed singed onion and squash it, add to chicken. Additionally include 1 cup water, grounded entire flavors , salt, red bean stew powder and turmeric. (Try not to include these flavors if utilizing instant zest blend.)

Spread the pot and cook chicken on low warmth for 30 minutes or until delicate.

Expel chicken from sauce and let it cool. Evacuate bones and shred it. Include both sauce and destroyed chicken to lentil and grain pot.

Haleem Chicken New Pakistani


Expel pot from oven and keep on floor sit close to it. Continue blending the wheat clock and hostile to clockwise with wooden spoon or ghotna for at any rate 10 minutes until clingy.


Warmth oil in a container and fry garlic, cumin seeds and chillies and mint for brief at that point add to Haleem pot. (Take a trial before treating and you may alter flavor by adding to the hardening. )

Trimming and serve.


Take all grain and lentil in pot. Wash it 3-4 times. At that point fill the pot 2 inch over the grains with water and splash for in any event two hours in warm water or ideally overnight.

The grains are splashed at this point.

Take absorbed grains a huge, thick bottomed pot. Fill the pot water with more water. What’s more, include ginger, garlic and green stew glue. Carry it to bubble. At that point lessen warmth to low and spread the pot firmly. Cook for 1½ hours.

Grain are cooked.

Include around two cups of cold water, at that point mix grain with drenching blender. Include more water as required.

While grain cooks, at the same time fry your onions.

A this stage onions cuts begin to isolate. Fry for barely any more seconds until brilliant at that point expel from oil and spread on a kitchen towel. ( Do not dispose of oil, we’ll utilize same oil in chicken and hardening.)

These are the flavors I utilized.

Broil the flavors for 1-2 minutes until fragrant. At that point expel and let it cool for few moments at that point crush into a fine powder.

Presently blend red stew powder , turmeric powder and salt in powdered entire flavors.

In a pot take chicken ( boneless or with bones) ½ cup seared onions, 1 cup water, ⅓ cup oil ( remaining utilize the singed onion oil) and heleem zest blend. Cook chicken for 20-30 minutes until delicate.

Expel chicken with an opened spoon and put aside to cool.

Add chicken stock to the Grains pots.

Chicken Haleem Tasty Dish

At the point when chicken is cool expel from bones and shred. (You can likewise utilize metal pounder to shred chicken.)

Additionally add chicken to grains pot.

Presently it an opportunity to Ghotna. ( The blending of Haleem with an exceptional wooden instrument for quite a while until everything is joined and Haleem gets a clingy surface.

For that I propose, put your pot on the floor sit on stool close to it. Continue blending the Haleem with ghotna or strong wooden spoon for at any rate 10 moment or more. (Keeping pot on floor gives you a simple situation for muscles to work and put more quality unique if Haleem is in huge amount. )

Presently, take a trial for Haleem. Modify if necessary. To change you may include more flavors, garam masala , red stew , talk masala, in hardening.

For treating heat oil and include cumin , mint, green bean stew and garlic. Sizzle for brief at that point add hardening to Haleem.

Blend well and you Haleem is prepared.

To serve take Haleem in serving plate or bowl, at that point decorate singed onion, stew cuts, ginger and mint. At that point sprinkle hardly any spoons of hot oil on bowl. Present with a plate of enhancement and a cut of lemon. Appreciate.

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