Beautiful Mexico Tour and Fish Tacos MEXICAN STREET FOOD in Ensenada

Hey everyone, hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s David, I’m in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, and this is a seafood paradise. Today we’re gonna go on an Ensenada street food tour. We’re gonna eat tons of shellfish. Another highlight is going to be The original. The place where they invented the fish taco. The fish taco. So, welcome to Ensenada, we’re gonna get started eating now, and I’m gonna share all of the food with you in this article. We’re at kind of the outskirts, the beginning of Ensenada, but the drive from Popotla was incredible. On the cliffs, the views of the Pacific Coast are incredible, Baja California. And when they swim through the water, the fin sticks out like a shark. Like people flee in fear. David They have a lot of them in (mumbles) or moonfish, it’s a moonfish. Moonfish I know it’s sun or moon, sun or moon? Moon, that’s what it is. [Jeffrey] They are goofy looking. David Yeah, they are goofy looking. Like when they swim. David It does it look like a moon with a fin. This place is in the middle of the neighborhood in Ensenada, on the outskirts of Ensenada, and you come inside they have a food cart on the inside here but it’s literally in somebody’s home. Is it a soup here that they serve? Yeah, soup.

This entire restaurant is dedicated to the Opah, moonfish. Chef is just showing us, and he’s the fisherman too. Chef and fisherman.  He’s showing us the moonfish, now. That face, that eyeball, it’s like the size of a tennis ball and those lips, look at the size of those lips. It’s called Caldo de Opah. So, Opah is the moonfish and you can see, what’s amazing as he dishes it out is that, it’s like a chicken, there’s both dark meat and white meat on the Opah fish and so you come here, it looks like there’s might be some tomatoes in it, and then it’s like it’s almost like a stew of a soup and then you come here, there’s like garnishings. You can add in your own habanero, there’s onions, there’s lime, there’s cilantro, there’s a habanero salsa and also some like wine sauce that you can add. But first, I’ll just taste the broth by itself. I can smell cloves in it. [Jeffrey] It’s impressive, David. It does taste like cloves, wow. [Jeffrey] That’s surprising. I didn’t see this coming. That’s wonderful, actually. The white meat is literally like chicken, it’s so fleshy. It’s so firm. Oh, and that clove flavor and then the next thing you have to add is a little bit of wine. Straight up wine into the soap. Oh, wine. Okay. Oh and then finally a squeeze of, add about a little squeeze of lime too. May be wine vinegar or just straight wine? [Scott] I think it’s just straight up wine. Straight up wine? Let me just taste it. Oh, yeah, this is straight up wine. Oh that’s amazing did you put wine in there? Oh that’s amazing. It gives it that acidity, plus that lime juice, plus the flakiness of the Opah. This habanero salsa is incredible too. Spoonful of that habanero salsa. Habanero salsa is incredible. [Jeffery] Right? David Yeah[Jeffery] And that’s great. I love that clove flavor I love the like simplicity, focusing on the Opah.

The Maxico Tour of street food

This is such a comforting dish. That was like as comforting as possible in a fish soup. Just the chickenniness of that Opah, the meatiness of it, the contrast of the white and dark meat and the condiments are what make it as well in Mexico. Just the onions, the cilantro and the salsas. How is it Paco? Finishing the Opah soup. David Yes. Meeting up with Sabina, the owner here. The amazing, the legendary Sabina. It’s an honor to be here. [Jeffery] It’s her specialty here. Unbelievable, Anthony Bourdain called this the world’s greatest street food stall. Sabina is an amazing lady and there’s just like seafood and tostadas and shellfish flying around this cart. I don’t even know where to look. Like they’re just slicing up shellfish. There’s different types of clams. There’s to stadas just flying around. There’s like juices andlime being squeezed. You smell the vibrant aromas. It’s like the entire sea on one cart. It’s like an ooni paste on the bottom. A variety of shellfish on top. She sprinkled on some habanero and then also some, it’s like an almond chili oil on top. A nutty almond chilly oil. The weight of that, the toppings on that. That is one of the most beautiful, handheld things, I’ve ever seen in my life. Oh wow. I can not even believe it. She’s a hero, and she just wiped my lips for me. That’s a moment I will cherish for the rest of my life without a doubt. I cannot even believe it, the vibrancy of flavors. They’re just erupting out of it. [Jeffery] I need you to take a giant bite. I think we could, like, cancel all further plans. Yeah, we’re done. Just eating everything on the menu here. [Jeffery] Yeah (chuckles). Its ooni.  Ooni bath. Its like ooni melting. And this one is the, just the straight ooni Oh the ooni. David Yeah its ooni basically. But this one is like the pure.

The other ones you’d start with this base, with the ooni base but then add shellfish and other things, shrimp on top. This one is just straight the ooni just to get a taste of it. This ooni, you can taste the onions, the hardness of it. It’s sweet, the chili oil, it’s so creamy. This is something that she’s famous for, these massive clams. They chop up and then you mix with salsa and I think there’s some lemon, lime juice in there to. Because I don’t have a spoon, I’m just gonna drink it. The juice, the lime juice in there. The natural sea foody juice sand the texture of them. Just cooked by the lime juice. It’s like a suviche, lime. The acidity, the salsa in there. One of the world’s greatest street foods stalls, and Sabina’s energy, and friendliness. Also, just like elevates this place, making it so great. I asked Sabina, what should I order? she immediately said,” Especial. ” The special.  David You like a (mumbles) crunch. Yes. Yes sir.  The shrimp. Salt. A little spicy. Basically, every seafood they offer and then Sabina I gave it that salsa treatment and her special sauce treatment. Especially her like secret almond oil, nutty peanut oil that is drenched up, that just like gives it the edge. Everything just perfectly stacked. Stacked into the most beautiful tostada you’ll ever see in your life. Look at that. I think also one of the joys of eating a tostada is just they’re kind of awkward to eat actually, you don’t really know whether to bite them. They are served with a spoon but I just like to straight go for it and see what happens, you never know what’s gonna happen. That is life changing, so refreshing. Its so like, everything from the sea. It’s like the sea on a tostada and this is the sea on a food cart, unexplained delicious.

Tour of Maxico

I’m gonna cherish that salsa on my cheek for the rest of my life. Literally, a pyramid of seafood. One more bites from Sabina. Straight up slice the blood clam, squeeze on lime juice, a little bit of salt and a little bit of salsa, right? A little bit of salsa, and just a straight up blood clam shot. The salty, oceany flavor of that. And just contrasted by the lime juice,  the salsa and that salt. I’m just like walking around in circles confused and dizzy right now. It’s just so many things. You just wanna stand here and eat. Like literally, thisis a shellfish paradise of like the freshest most vibrant shellfish you’ve ever tasted. Blood taco shot? It’s a blood taco shot, oh yes. It’s off the hook. It is off the hook. We’re basically swimming in the sea right now just on land. Cheers Sabina, you’re the best. David Really the best. It’s magical. [Jeffrey] I love the texture. Yeah, it’s perfect. If we don’t leave soon, I think we might even spend the night here. Some salsas from Sabina, from the family. Thank you so much. Thank you, man. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. I can’t talk any more, that’s just a special place. A special amazing, amazing, woman Sabina.  You smile, you smile. Thank you, nice to meet you. Oh we’re here already, It’s right around the block. Oh, here it is. Literally we just rounded the corner. It’s not even like half a block to the next place and we’re at the next place. I’m not even totally sure what they serve here but we just walked in there. I just smelled like a poof of smoke. I feel some humidity and we’re walking immediately to the back here.  This is tuna. They’re famous for their smoked fish, especially smoked Tuna. This is the fish they smoked for 14 hours. You can see the fire down here. It’s an entire smoker hut and just huge chunks of fish, huge chunks of Tuna. That aroma, that smokiness, that’s a beautiful thing. Okay, I think we’re going back into the main room to try some.  It’s hot, it’s fresh. It’s salty and smokey. That tastes like fish bacon, it’s fish bacon. This one is the eggs. It’s a little like dry and crumbling but so smoky, so flavorful again. I’m gonna try my next bite with that squeeze of lime. Oh yeah, really good with the lime. The contrast is obvious. I did see that bone. That one is more lean. Like, it’s a little drier. Thank you, such a cool place. I love how they smoke it all on spot.

Fish Tacos MEXICAN STREET FOOD in Ensenada

You tasted it on spot, that’s so freshly smoked. You can just taste the smoke embedded in it. That was delicious, this is the spot, and we are moving on to the next place. Again, that was like a three minute drive around the corner in Ensenada. So many things are close, so much condensed food. Next, this is a big event because Okay, they didn’t actually invent the fish taco, but they are credited with popularizing it, with promoting it, with being the first to really coin the term fish taco and start serving it at a restaurant style to customers. And so we’re here it’s called Tacos Fenix and it is packed. It’s like a food box cart. We’re gonna try there fish tacos. Cabbage is crucial. Like without the cabbage, don’t bother. I like to do green on one side and red on the other. Like strips of fish, they go into the batter. He just fully cooks them in batter, straight into the oil and they deep fry in this like unique pan where the fish can then, once it’s finished cooking, he can put it lifted out on to the rim of the pan to drain and also keep hot, and like keep fresh. And then we order a taco. It’s so simple, I mean it’s just the tortilla, the fried piece of fish into your tortilla, and it’s really all about these condiments. Cabbage is necessary, it’s mandatory. An original, Ensenada fish taco. Again, just like that perfect, crunchy. Oh, okay, thank you. I don’t know if tomatoes is necessary. Tomatoes and onions and cilantro and then I’m gonna go get some cabbage. The bready crunchiness of that, and it’s so hot. A must is the cabbage.

Some of that green salsa. and then the red salsa and then finally a bit, the extra picante, extra spicy. The more spicy one, good. All right, that looks perfect. Okay, one more ingredient we need topping is like sour cream. A bit of that, all right, perfect. The different salsas. I might have over cabbaged it though. That cabbage and the fried lump of fish. [Jeffery] There it is. The first bite of the original fish taco. Again, that’s just like everything it needs to be. The simplicity, the sauces, the cabbage is a must. The fish, it just melts in your mouth, It’s so soft. Simple, delicious, refreshing. Refreshing even though it’s fried. That really is everything it needs to be. I love the way the fish just like melts in your mouth.  The final bite. I like the slice of that fish though. The tortilla looks better. It’s got a very unusual cut of cabbage, right? Its like it’s been spiralized. So right across the street, there’s another fish taco stand. Which they also make fish tacos and just for research purposes we have decided to walk across the street and try them too, for the second fish taco and it looks really good. They’re frying it fresh in a similar fashion but the strips of fish almost look like flatter and wider. Which I like the idea. There’s a little bit of better ratio. Kind of like flatter with a different tortilla The cabbage is very, very finely shaved. Jeffrey has already dressed it with some of the cabbage and some of the onions. You’re not happy with your red sauce ratio. It’s your first bite?[Jeffery] They’re we go. Going in. Oh my God, is it better? It’s awesome. That breading on their fish is incredible. It’s not so fluffy. It has some spice in it. I refuse to admit, So hot and fresh. That this is better than the original. I won’t do it, I won’t admit that this is incredible. It’s incredible like the fish melts in your mouth again.

Visit to Ensenada Street Food

It’s almost like a different type of fish almost. Like the one they’re using at the place across the street is more buttery. And it’s like a more like breadier coating, deep fried coating. This one is more firm, the fish. Less breading and taste more spicious. The tortilla is like nice and charred. The tortilla is nice and charred yeah and then like similar toppings I’d say. The salsas are good all around. The salsas are good but that is tasty, simple, flavorful. That’s fresh, that’s delicious. The cabbage in that may need sour cream. Paco, how do you like it? Less breading and you can taste better the fish. [Jeffery] It’s almost worth getting one for the road. We are not gonna eat for like an hour. [Scott] It’s gonna be a while, yeah. And with that fish taco, two fish tacos, one across the street from each other that completes this brief, quick but extraordinarily delicious and historic and memorable and hospitable and just ultimate pillar street food tour of Ensenada. The people are friendly, the food incredible. It’s so laid back and the quality of the seafood, the quality of the shellfish will just blow you away and the highlight, really not even joking. One of the greatest, one of the best street food stalls in the world. Sabina, she is a legend. She’s a culinary hero. She is worth coming to Ensenada. I would just go straight to Sabina to her stall. Eat as many tostadas as you possibly can. And also a huge thank you to Jeffrey Merrihue. I’ll have his link in the description box for arranging this tour and to Scott. He’s a gringo in Mexico. He blogs about food, he loves Mexican food. I’ll have all their links in the description box below and also Paco for taking us around. And I wanna say a huge thank you to you for watching this article.

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